Release 4.5

Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.5 Release Notes

The following sections describe issues fixed and known issues with this release.

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Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00310758 16260 Enhance Batch Job description in the log file for easier monitoring.
00319852 16377 Unable to enter multi-pick list values in the New Application wizard after changing the Field Type.
00330008 26204 In the classic UI, a 'Group of Check boxes' field of an object is being rendered as a 'Multi-select pick list' in a Grid Control.
00330743 32906 View filters not resolving 'is not empty' for free text filter as Null.
00342379 58083 Receiving connection timed out when connecting to a FTP Server over SSL/TLS.
00343863 39484 When a lookup field is filtered using the rbf_setLookupFilter() method, the filter is not applied on the lookup field inline search.
00347949 42511 No option to disable OpenEdge & DataDirect options at application and Object import level.
00351489 44688 Autocomplete is not working when record template field is used for D2C External Objects.
00351955 45359 Unable to see LDF or Lookup field values after searching and selecting the same.
00353138 49585 When a Super Admin logs into a tenant account as a support user and creates/updates a record, the Created By/Updated By fields are blank.
00353204 46277 GC overhead limit exceeded error is thrown when running queries on tenants by master admin.
00354867 49111 Error of exceeding max allowed backup limit, even after the "Max Backups per Month field" limit is enhanced.
00354990 52648 Send Mail trigger does not send mail for On field update conditions if the field is updated by other preceding trigger.
00357396 57667 Unable to increase the value of Max Records for existing tenants who migrated from older RB version.
00358072 50389 While passing more than 1000 expressions in an IN clause of SQL queries, in Oracle DB, an error "Maximum number of expressions in a list of 1000" is thrown.
00358546 51563 Text field is not accepting strings in grid control when it is converted from Integer field to Text Field.
00358546 52126 While configuring an existing grid with a different object, the previously configured object fields are being shown up.
00361257 52117 Columns are missing from View after installing app using the createApplicationDef API.
00363395 54047 "tcman" not working with Rollbase JRE when JAVA_HOME is not set
00365139 54709 Inline editing of checkbox fields on View Pages are not working in IE11.
00366096 54579 The date field filter condition lost on saving when the filter color code is left with the default value 'FFFFFF'.
00366310 54740 An error, "Cannot find field definition FIELDNAME", is thrown on editing (inline) a related field on record details page.
00368669 59356 Select query showing zero results on communication log object when an email is sent.
00368821 53714 Arabic characters are not rendered properly instead rendered as Special Characters in a downloaded PDF.
00372355 58649 When downloading a file from an URL using rbv_api.sendHttpGet(url) API, it is giving different characters for degree symbol(ex:8Ġ) while the target URL content is in "ISO-8859-1.
00372544 59931 Failure emails not sent for System Backup batch jobs configured with FTP upload and FTP upload fails.
00373185 61561 Import via batch job fails intermittently with error "No operations allowed after statement closed".
00373795 59958 The router component’s external URL is not accessible from master component.
00374095 59754 When a system backup is created on Hosted Cloud, the generated .zip file has all folders/directories (Tables, Templates/Images....). However, the Backup section doesn't show the same under "Directories Included" column.
00374267 60313 If there is a parent-child relationship between two objects and there is a related field on one object getting data from a date/time field on the other object, the related Date/Time field is dropping time in script.
00376361 60553 Custom links in an application footer doesn't work for an application with a vertical menu option.
00376750 65852 the Recent Items list is showing guages as records.
00376804 60902 Renaming a sub-tab causes tab to lose the parent.
00377595 60724 Rich text fields not re-sizable in NUI.
00378254 61082 A Create Template Document trigger to generate a PDF document, with the latest version of Aspose PDF, is taking bit more time than expected.
00379459 51477 In a card editor, when the values of the record has a # symbol, the cards does not render.
00379488 61533 Restoring deleted record doesn't validate unique constraints.
00379541 54581 Unable to add Kendo external templates when using them in a Script component.
00379687 62050 Audit Trail shows wrong information when the user is a Guest.
00380252 65340 The portal link generated by the template helper throws an error: “Error instantiating Data a653: Found record of type <Object1> for objDefId <Object1-id>, required type is <Object2>” when creating records through portal pages.
00380617 64477 Formula fields are not aligned with editable fields on edit pages.
00380619 62154 When the "Revised Grid Control" is set in the new UI, a user view that is used as filter criteria applied to a picklist in the Kendo grid control, does not get the filter criteria applied.
Unable to edit a comment when the field already has multi line content available.
00380778 63219 An application with a batch job is published and the update is pushed to a target tenant. Then when the batch job timing option is edited, the tenant is not updated with the latest timing option.
00380800 62369 The code example used in documentation for showOrHideItem is incorrect
00380880 62580 Password-based authentication security questions not saved at first user login.
00380998 62976 In the user guide, the property to make the PROD servers dedicated must be 'isDedicated'.
00380999 63478 The documentation needs to be updated to reflect the removal of Add PROD server button/option.
00381582 58968 Even after getting the 'record is locked' exception initially, two users are simultaneously able to edit the same record.
00382016 63289 Ignorable warnings in form pages were not addressed, for StatusChange form pages, in the NewUI.
00383482 65394 Remove More Options menu for showing the workflow action button and custom buttons.
00384144 63936 An option to Authentication Context Comparison Type in SAML is required for ADFS authentication.
00384618 63828 Cancel button for import jobs doesn't work.
00385197 64391 URL fields are being validated incorrectly (New UI) when there are spaces or any other special characters
00385449 64839 A user who doesn't have view permissions for an object (but has view permissions for a relationship to that object) not able to search and find that object.
00386027 64574 A custom field control added on a form page without a 'name' attribute, throws error on form submit.
00386768 66146 PDF Document templates not rendering Chinese and Erythraean languages characters properly.
00387248 66218 New tenant ISV viewer takes bit more time than expected even for small set of records.
00387852 65499 The created portal pages include kendo, jQuery, Bootstrap resources above the <html> tag.
00388036 67341 Rollbase supports only the latest version of the Safari web browser.
00388055 65493 After integrating OpenEdge DB (remote) with Rollbase and changing the order of a list of records, we get an error message.
00388241 65713 While cancelling the 'Deisgn This Page' and navigating back to the edit page, an error thrown on page.
00388421 65661 An error is thrown while canceling 'Design this page' on an External Object.
00388660 66162 While creating the translations for page section, the section title were missing when a customer is created from using portal page.
00389245 66230 When importing a spreadsheet to the USER object, Rollbase throws the error: Import error: Column Index out of range, 57 > 56.
00391734 67277 When a user clicks the Workflow Action button then loads a page, the page header text with special characters are shown with escape characters.
00393187 68547 Norwegian characters global search, returns no results
48611 After selecting text suggested by auto-complete and detaching it, unable to select records using a selector.
54891 Delayed trigger does not run on records created using the 'Run Now' option of a Data Maintenance batch job.
61562 After upgrading to Rollbase, a growler message "Cannot find pageable list with id XXXXX" is seen on the UI.
62152 In the event of a network glitch or connection reset (rare) when requesting batch job execution, the event processing thread gets stuck for a long time due to default read timeouts.
64328 From any application, go to App Settings > More Actions > View Diagram, the View Diagram page does not the show diagram.
63021 NUI Submenus are missing for a user with view permissions.
45276 After doing a detailed search or clicking on clear button in selector pop-up, all the records are showing up instead of filtered records.
60127 After initiating a related record edit and cancelling it, there is a mismatch between pageId (belongs to User object def) and recordId (is incorrectly deduced as related record Id instead of parent User record), hence an error is reported.
61422 The rbf_setFieldValue on a reference record is displaying ID instead of value.
61959 The filter lookup field values (rendered as picklist) available for selection does not show up when a user types into a form control.
67677 Hard-coded product name "Rollbase" in SAML error message should not be seen.
56951 In case of Remote DB, While trying to save a child record with 1-1 relationship, an error that child does not exist is thrown.
60126 The list of dependent objects for an application is not available in the new tenant after application install.
54964 Expiration Policy should be set only by setting the sharedProperty 'MinExpirationPolicy' for the master tenant or by setting through Setup Home ->authentication for non-master tenant.
60131 Server side API rbv_api.attach does not validate whether passed record IDs belong to a given relationship definition or not.
61648 When the selector dialog box dimensions exceed the parent window dimensions, the dialog box is clipped.
60125 The role specific permissions set for a workflow action is lost on application install.
61771 The end-user configured selector page dimensions are not retained while launching the selector dialog box, from a form page with a selector lookup field.
63290 In the Status Change page of the Validate Record Data trigger, the 'Treat this trigger as a Warning' option is not seen.
64352 View Columns saved in user preference is modified automatically when new columns are added/removed.
65082 rbf_isSelected Client side API is not working in NewUI.
65968 While using a mobile, not able to navigate between tabs if a list view contains charts.
66753 While running a Corticon trigger, Rollbase fields were not updated when request mapping was done only for relationship.
67609 If more than one Corticon entity has association with same node with relname, the request data sent from Rollbase to Corticon is incorrect.
42899 Created an object and added 200 text fields using an REST API. "Row size too large" error message was thrown while trying to save a new record.
58607 The post install script app update works only when a logged in tenant user updates the application. However, if the app update is pushed from the master tenant (Published Application – Push Update), this particular script is not running citing that there is no tenant user context.
58771 Unable to run triggers from Post Install Script using a program. Even dependent triggers do not run when PostInstall Scripts are executed.
63591 When the "RelatedFieldDeptMSPicklist" filter (with condition) is applied to a set of records, it throws an error: Invalid long datatype column reference (7682).
63978 While trying to save and preview a complex report, an error message, "value of HTTP parameter jsonData is too large: 80269 chars" was thrown. This is due to the MaxHTTPParamLength=80000
65762 The get('from') Email API is not retrieving the from email address. It is retrieving only the sender name.

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