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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.2.3 Release Notes

The following section describes the issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see here.

Fixed Issues


Case ID Defect ID Description
35263 Attach/Detach a related record from the Related View Grid disables the 'Back To List' button
00353526 46374 Database move causes customers to not be able to login.
00357034 46911 Encountered NullPointerException and Prod component stops responding without any clue.
00354990 49036 Trigger set to run on a field update relative to a time specified in that field, runs every time the record is updated, even when the field has not been touched.
00356509 49423 Enabling "Redirect to View page" causes Return to Master record Icons not show for related objects.
00356467 49548 Tokens in filter were not working for OESO views.
00344287 50428 PageableList takes too long to render when multiple grids (10-15) are included in a page in New UI.
00355017 51278 Create Template Document trigger not attaching XML template to File Upload field
00358221 51288 Related field tokens issue not working using the pre-existing token as provided by the Template helper.
00359812 51387 Catalog attached to an App does not appear in App Tree on Publish / Generate XML pages
00361481 52846 SAML Caching issues
52375 HTML Template report preview from Object definition page does not display the required data
52716 Canceling from related record Form where "Redirect to View page" is enabled causes return to Related record list page instead of the main/parent record view page.
52836 Significant spacing between sections in New UI pages in some cases.
53155 Deleting the parent record navigates to a blank page when 'Redirect to View page' property is enabled
48903 [New UI] - ontab HTML event handler is not working

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