For installation instructions on using the Rollbase installer, see the accompanying file, "InstallationNotes.txt".


  1. Exposed support for a JavaScript engine optimization setting to significantly improve performance of formulas, triggers and all server-side JavaScript.
    To enable this, all Private Cloud customers will want to add the following flag to the file on each server Rollbase is deployed on:

  2. Enabled white-label header and footer option for any application in Hosted Cloud and Private Cloud

FIXES in Release

  1. Fixed issue whereby REST API login method may return a null pointer exception if an invalid password is supplied

  2. Fixed issue with some Norwegian characters not being handled properly in imports

  3. Fixed open issues with Rollbase database update scripts for OpenEdge and Microsoft SQL Server

  4. Fixed "Unknown data type" issue when moving a tenant from a Microsoft SQL Server database to MySQL

  5. Fixed attribute format issue that could cause application XML generation to fail

  6. Fixed issue whereby hierarchical relationships may not resolve in Validation triggers

  7. Fixed issue whereby 90 day evaluation accounts in Rollbase Hosted Cloud may appear to have 91 days

  8. Updated the "Powered by Progress" logo displayed in portals

  9. Fixed issue whereby some portal page links sent via email may not resolve correctly

  10. Fixed issue whereby JSON syntax generated by REST API logout method may not be correct

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