Release 4.0.4

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.0.4 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues


28262/00331726 Getting error when attaching related record which has single quotes

When attaching a related record from an object view page and the related record's name has a single quote in it, an error appears in the console and the record is not attached.

Performance issue in New UI
Querying database to find the total count for list view on List date fetch call caused performance issue.

27051 Filter by token value for OESO views

Export is not working when show view selector option is not enabled
Export to PDF, CSV, XLS, XLSX was not working for List View when the user unchecked Show View Selector checkbox from List View properties.  This ended up with undefined in console.

Unable to set value as 0 for required integer field using serverside API 
It was not possible to set value as 0 for required integer field using server side APIs.

26364/00331726 Status message after selecting the record should be changed in case of 1-1 relationship

26362/00330501 Object record selected from object List View page does not get unselected when changing context to related object Record View page
Object record selected on one page, and another record selected from record view page are both taken to be "selected".

IE specific: rbf_showOrHideSection is not working

26159/ to save picklist values even when the proper value is not entered
When the picklist field is mandatory, entering '5' the values are shown in drop down i.e., picklist values.  But without selecting the '500' but instead click on Save it is getting saved even there is no such value('5').  And after saving the value in list is shown as empty.

26145/00329798 Typo in Rollbase documentation for REST API
The REST parameters bulkCreate and bulkCreateOrUpdate both are now synch

rbf_getPickListCode is not returning values after emptying the picklist

25979/00329993/00330501 View selection issues on the new UI
When a user uses Select All (This Page is checked)  option or individual selection (This Page is checked) total selected count that we update in ListView footer was incorrect. Same issue happened when a user selected record after applying filter. When user apply filter we clear all selection but still selected count were shown.

25929/00329908/00330745 Certain pages not updating with XML update
XML update now passes all required data in a multipart form data ensuring very large apps with an insane application tree do not see information loss

25915/00329918 Export to XLS, XLSX and CSV are displaying code instead of description
Export to XLS, XLSX and CSV are displaying code instead of description on picklist fields 

25912/ to maintain wait on grid action menu in records list page
Grid row Action menu (Edit |Delete |View) was hiding pretty fast which didn't let user to make the action that they desired. We made change to old behavior where as this action menu will be displayed on "Click" instead of "Hover" by default and it stays until user clicks outside or performs any other operation on the page. But if user would like to enable menu on "hover", they can do by this overriding this option "rb.newui.options.listView.showColumnActionMenuOnHover=true"

25893/25439/00329642/329559 Custom script components/Charts don’t load Google chart libraries
There was an issue loading Google Chart libraries when referenced via script components in Rollbase Page.

No spacing is observed between the two sections on the right-side column of the generic page
Proper spacing now exists for both left and right columns

25589 Lock Wait Timeout Issue
"Lock Wait Timeout" issue encountered when processing one bulk Reprocess action on all records for a particular date, followed by a Reprocess action on a single record in a separate Browser tab. This single operation repeatedly failed with the Lock wait timeout error.

25355/00330325/00331044 Tenant not receiving welcome mail to login
Another bug affecting application installation on new and existing tenants caused a new tenant to not receive a welcome mail.

25087/00329226 Application imported from tenant does not show up after restart of Tomcat
After importing an application XML into a tenant, and then restarting Tomcat makes the application disappear from the list of applications in the tenant.  This also occurred if the application is installed via the MarketPlace.

24929/00329218 Progress Rollbase video still visible after “Quick Create”-ing an application  
The video link was hardcoded in the qcOverview.jsp. This has been now configured to be retrieved from shared property. Customers can now configure this as needed. 

Workflow Actions in Group By view are not showing up  

24799/00328713 Updating an app with the same XML throws warning message 
Whenever we install an application, if the application has deleted certain components like views/pages/fields etc. which are already present in the tenant zone, they are not shown as deleted components.

We only tend to check for deleted components when the application is already installed and is being updated. This is creating confusion in this case as it seems to look like updating an app is trying to delete some components in the tenant even when no change has been done to the app being imported.

The logic now shows the deleted components even when the app is being installed.

Tabs used in new UI grids are not loaded properly on mobile devices
On Mobile Devices (both Tablets & Smart Phone) when you have Grid on in-active tab and when it become active layout of Grid was not loaded properly.

24585/00324718 “Login Blocked” status not refreshed with Master Reload  
Master reload option available in master zone now also clears the loaded customer data in master to reflect changes 

Issues with SQL Server access through D2C object
Rollbase was forcing “column” names into all capital letters

24562 Case sensitive issue with Postgres datasource for D2C object

Do not enforce validation that Phone Number field should complete input maskFor PhoneInput field, by design now we do not enforce that field input should complete input mask.

Field-level validation error persists even after corrective measures
Client-side validation now will not prevent end-user from submitting a form once server-side validation errors are reported in form page. This behavior change will resolve the issue wherein users were unable to submit form without changing field value that had failed server-side validation 

24184 Rollbase references in file
Removed duplicate reference (which is used nowhere) of Rollbase Forum in resources file. Other than that since the Rollbase text is in, it can be changed as per customer requirement. 

24086/00327490 Clone issue – Additional Parent relationship created
In server side attach API call, for hierarchical relationship we were updating the parent column for both parent and child objects.

24085/00327490 Missing role in USER object view criteria

24075/23867/00327680 Ability to override change while creating customer when same object belongs to multiple apps
NPE when creating new tenants and Apps are overwriting USER Object

23987 Field value displayed only in Base language, even when second language translated value was configured
For the following fields, TextInput, ObjectLink (Record Name) & TextArea, we should always show the value in current user language on ListView Page & ObjectDetails page.

Complete value is not showing up in Text Area field of record details page
When you have textArea field for object and add larger text (break by next line or simply larger text) only part of the text were displayed in record details page. We used over-flow hidden and no work-break. This has been fixed and we displayed entire text as it is how user has provided while creating object.

19609/00326595 New UI: obj1 related to obj2 related to obj3: Quick Create icon for obj3 not visible from Grid Component for obj2 which was created on an obj1 page

19241/PSC00341019/00323497 Issue with Phone # format in New UI if record has multiple phone number fields
For PhoneInput field, by design now we do not enforce that field input should complete input mask.

19229/00327789 Navigation order 'Top to bottom, then left to right' option is not working

Detailed search for related fields 

16479/323291 Cannot revert to default CSS stylesheet without reloading the tenant

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