FIXES in Release

  1. Fixed an issue whereby logging out of Rollbase Hosted Cloud from within the the Pacific Console may takes an excessive amount of time.

  2. Fixed a problem that caused a "no protocol: ../m/" error when rendering HTML documents as PDF.

  3. Fixed an API validation issue when a comma is used as decimal separator and the decimal part of the field value is too large.

  4. [Hosted Cloud] Fixed a Login error when using a bookmark to get to access a Rollbase application. Now following a bookmark directly accesses the Login page and directs the user to the bookmarked page after login as expected.

  5. Fixed a problem whereby a Rollbase tenant could get loaded onto two or more PROD servers without the "span multiple servers" setting enabled, resulting in cache synchronization problems that lead to the appearance of lost metadata.

  6. Fixed an issue where Rollbase popup windows might pulsate when they are resized to a point where horizontal or vertical scroll bars need to appear.

  7. [Hosted Cloud] Increased trigger timeouts to address timeout errors such as "System Error:Triggers are running too long, process is aborted to protect system resources."

  8. Fixed issue whereby scheduled batch jobs may not execute on schedule as expected.

  9. Fixed issue whereby the "Dedicated Server" field on the Customer object in the Master system was not available in Mass Update pages

  10. Fixed issue whereby the Calendar selector for entering dates in May or March of any year did not work correctly.

  11. [Private Cloud] Fixed issue whereby the 'Free Rollbase Evaluation' banner may appear twice in a Private Cloud installation.

  12. Fixed issue whereby server-side API rbv_api.createRecord() and rbv_api.updateRecord() methods require field values for required fields that already have existing values.

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