Release 3.2.2

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 3.2.2 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues

299589 Unable to login after installing new APP with OE Authentication
Rollbase applications using OpenEdge as the authentication type do not work until the Realm Token file is cleared and reloaded.

302500 Communication Log commType is not updating after XML update
A Communication Log field specifically "Type or commType" is not updating the options after Installing and Updating the same application via XML.
In the original App a user added a Type option with Test Option|test, after updating another app via XML the new option in commType cannot be found.

303483 Commlog is not exported with APP XML import/update

303755 Default View link is not displayed in search results pages after search
When using global search (Object-specific) or detailed search, the "Default View" button is not displayed on the results page even though a default list view is configured on the search.

303758 The "Show New Link" property is not working in the search result page
The "Show New Link" property is set but is not working in the search results page list view

304011 Error accessing Template Document link on Portal page
On Credit Application View page there is a link to Template document generated for that record. This link gives NPE error when portal visitor clicks it

304454 rbv_api.createRecord() method throwing error in batch script
According to the documentation, the following code can be used to create the record and capture the ID of that record...

var newId = rbv_api.createRecord("item", x);
rbv_api.print("Created record with id: "+newId);

However, when this method is used in a batch job script, the following error is displayed:

Error creating Lead: Triggers are running for 533 ms. 30000 ms max is allowed. Triggers chain is terminated to protect shared system resources.

310085 Explicitly re-setting 'Starting Number' field property on Auto Number field definition has no affect on incremented counter value
When updating 'Starting Number' property on Auto Number field definition, the next object record created, is assigned value incremented from previous counter only. Also, 'Starting Number' field property is now overridden with this new value.

This is because, AutoNumberStorage service holds on to the previous counter value in an in-memory object and prevails over any explicit reset of 'Starting Number' property value.

This leads to ambiguous behavior and hinders the user-case of resetting AutoNumber starting counter value

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