1. [Private Cloud] Added new called "PacificUIDisabled" to allow Private Cloud customers to turn off all Progress Pacific branding for white-label deployments. When set to 'true', the Pacific UI header and footer is disabled in favor of the old/standard Rollbase brandable header and footer.

  2. [Private Cloud] Added name and version number of JDBC driver to database Create and Edit pages in System Console

  3. Increased allowed picklist integration code length from 10 to 512 characters

  4. Added "CSV" as a new supported "Output Type" in Batch Jobs of the type "Generate Report"

FIXES in Release

  1. Fixed issue whereby REST API logout method does not honor the JSON response type

  2. Fixed issue whereby non-ASCII characters are not displayed properly in the Pacific header

  3. Restored expected behavior for custom login pages used by Hosted ISV customers

  4. Fixed issue whereby Rollbase Hosted Cloud is not able to save specific Triggers or Templates

  5. Fixed alignment issues with the Page Editor in Chrome

  6. Restored expected behavior for Rollbase users to modify personal settings and password from within the Rollbase user interface

  7. Restored expected behavior for Rollbase Administrators to reset passwords for users from within the Rollbase user interface

  8. Fixed issue whereby some translation keys were missing in language resource files

  9. [Private Cloud] Fixed issue whereby a thread could be forced into a deadlock state when performing database connection cleanups

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