Release 4.0

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.0 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Known Issues


PSC00338273 New UI – Page localization details

In New UI, page localization details (i.e. display formats for Dates, Numbers) are derived from User localization preferences or if not configured, Customer account location preferences. However if for a user account, localization preferences are not configured at both the User & Customer Account level, then display formats for Dates, Number & Currency will not be localized.   This may happen for Customers created prior to the release. To resolve this issue, localization preferences (for each locale in your Tenant) should either be set at Customer Account level, in which case it will apply for all users. Each user can set his preferences as well.

PSC00337066 Number display format secondary grouping size

In New UI pages, number format preference “1,23,45,678” is not honored. This will be fixed in a subsequent release.                                                                                                                                      

PSC00339363 New UI Help links point to classic UI help

In the newUI mode, footer link ‘Help Me’ and ‘Getting Started’ link on home tab are pointing to classic UI help section instead of newUI help. To get information about newUI, click on the ‘Help Me’ link available on the hamburger menu.

PSC00339277 Detail Search Component with LDF filters 

In New UI pages, Detail Search Component that is configured with LDF filters is not rendered. The related functionality is thus affected in the New UI pages.  

PSC00338688 View link doesn’t work for the ‘Take Survey’ Page

When you click on View link for the ‘Take Survey’ page it does not show the added questions. This means that the preview of ‘Take Survey’ page does not work.

PSC00338893 Inline editing multiple fields in Grid

When updating multiple fields in a Grid, if there are validation issues against some of these files, update will fail and user will have to re-enter all field values again.

Fixed Issues


00277550/PSC00304412 Record name template not properly evaluated at creation with related fields

When creating an object that has a record name template which is a related field, the record will not have the proper record name.

00303483/PSC00327423 Commlog Type field changes are not exported with XML Export

00321167/PSC00338736 Issues importing a spreadsheet with a long number

When importing a spreadsheet that contains a long number, that number is imported as an exponential number

00319536/PSC00337484 Issues using Mobile-Web Enable with OpenEdge Service Objects

00316593/PSC00337126 Cloned data map is not added to the updated application

Cloned data maps from an existing customer zone is not being added to a different customer zone after an application update

00318652/PSC00337034 Trigger with “on field change” does not run on attach or detach

A trigger with type "Update Field Value" and with "On Field Change" = Related Object does not run after attach or detach of the related record. Trigger should run based on the timing selected after update.

00319429/PSC00336887 Auto-number starting number does not work

Auto-number "starting number" property does not work.  After changing the "Starting Number", the change does not take effect.

00318788/PSC00336816 PD4ML version to download for Private Cloud is listed as 3.8.3 in online documentation

00318984/PSC00336631 Add Seed Records throws system error java.lang.NullPointerException

00316162/PSC00334955 Error converting records to OE Service Objects

Cannot find data record with id 0 error when converting a native Rollbase object record into an OE Service Object.

00313824/PSC00333504 Auto number inconsistent

Auto number field is working incorrectly; sometimes jumping by 1000

00313849/PSC00333498 Random SSL error in custom trigger

Random SSL error when running Custom Java Triggers in Rollbase. Error is listed as cannot be cast to

00313863/PSC00333396 File Upload fields empty in Published Application seed records

When installing an app from Application directory, seed records that contain a file in a file upload field are wiped out.

00304403/PSC00333213 Workflow status change takes time to reflect in UI.

If there is a send email trigger on status field update the workflow status changes takes time to reflect in the UI.

00313556/PSC00333194 NPE when trying to login using the SOAP "login2" method

An NPE occurs when trying to login using the SOAP "login2" method using master-zone credentials and tenant ID.

00313824 & 00312944/PSC00333179 Unique auto number fields get reverted

Unique auto number fields that are set to not allow duplicate values are reverted back to a value that was lower than the value already assigned to existing records.

00313374/PSC00333117 Cannot assign “current user” in data map when using the “create related record” workflow action

User field is not being populated by the "Current User" value when using a data map even though the user field in the data map is set to "Current User" and used the workflow action "create related record".

00313391/PSC00333079 {!name#url} token adds session ID parameter to the link

{!name#url} token adds session ID parameter to the link which allows guest users to access the record and the whole application depending on the permission of the logged in user.

00311280/PSC00332838 Menu Tab permissions are not working for 3rd level sub tabs

Menu Tab permissions are not working for 3rd level sub tabs in an application. 3rd level sub tabs are showing all items even though the permission for that tab is disabled for a user.

00312894/PSC00332644 rbf_selectquery() does not return text area field value in OpenEdge DB

rbf_selectquery() does not return text area field value in OpenEdge DB. Instead, it returns an error as com.ddtek.jdbc.openedgebase.ddx@7e9c16bf

00314313/PSC00332456 Issues mapping OESO field to radiosets on import

Converted OpenEdge service object's picklist values are not displayed correctly and reverts back to the --Please Select-- option.

00311880/PSC00332207 Disallow updating Object integration names (Customer, Subscriber) through installing application

Using an application developed in the tenant zone to update a customer object in the master zone resulted in names inconsistency and made system unusable.

00311853/PSC00332123 NPE when deleting records with OE related field

Error java.lang.NullPointerException when deleting records with OE related field

003122214/PSC00332116 Attaching multiple records is disabled upon changing the view

In the seed records dialog window, the checkboxes and buttons for multiple attach are hidden when the view is changed.

00312050/PSC00332074 Cloning an Object and unchecking the Tab creation option, redirects to 404

Error page

00311531/PSC00331934 Error "Unauthorized" when running API rbv_api.getFieldValue in OE Objects

Error "Unauthorized" when running API rbv_api.getFieldValue in OE Objects after creating record in objects that has relationship with User Object

00311428/PSC00331742 Null Pointer Exception encountered when rendering PDF of OE object records.

00316074 & 00311149/PSC00331652 Image field is not shown when record created using conversion map

When doing a record conversion with a mapped image field, the returned image is broken.

00310534/PSC00331315 Lookup field’s token resolved to empty string

When a lookup field’s token is used in a validation script for a newly created record, this token is resolved to an empty string

00302500/PSC00331247 No warning from Generate XML

When generating an XML it cannot identify if there are related Objects that are not in the Core or Dependent, resulting that if this XML will be installed to other tenant the lookups are missing.

The issue happens when a related object was created from Application Setup > Object > New Object. Related objects created from UI work fine.

00304011/PSC00330958 Error accessing Template Document link on Portal page

00310042/PSC00330901 Quick Create Pages layout issues

Quick Create Pages layout issues - Save/Cancel button panel not visible by default. For quick create pages where content is dynamic, we run scripts to adjust and display content appropriately within the QC pop-up window. These scripts are not getting executed on QC dialog launch.

00310085/PSC00330805 Explicitly re-setting 'Starting Number' field property on Auto Number field

 definition has no affect on incremented counter value

00309365/PSC00330313 Incomplete field XML definition of default shared picklists

XML Definition of default shared picklist fields (e.g. Priority, State, Country) are incomplete. To be specific, it does not have the <ListItems> node which contain the picklist values. 

00309374/PSC00330434 bulkCreateUpdate adding extra sign to last field of the csv

bulkCreateUpdate in 3.1.4 is adding extra sign to last field of the csv

00306251/PSC00330145 Windows 7/ IE 9 – Quick create is not working

Using Windows 7 and IE 9, any quick create button causes the popup to appear as a huge white box that stretches beyond the screen and doesn't display any fields or ability to create a record.

00306945/PSC00330141 Do not hide “Attach” button for objects with “Is Dependent” flag

If an object has “Is dependent” flag set on Object Edit page, we do not show “attach” button in the list of related records. This is confusing and contradicts property “Show attach button” in page editor.

00305941/PSC00330140 Script editors load slowly on trigger pages

Script editors load slowly on trigger pages. This can cause a code wipe when the page is saved before the page editor's formula body is rendered.

00307935/PSC00329939 Inclusion of missing Information on SystemName property in Documentation

The documentation related to the SystemName property in section is incomplete.

00308437/PSC00329895 Configure dimensions of selector Page pop-up window

For look-up fields we have 'Selector Page' pop-up window. Presently dimensions of the pop-up window for Selector pages are fixed. There has been request for configuration options for setting dimension for the Selector pages, similar to what we have for Quick Create pages.

00308248/PSC00329811 When the custom login page is used and the session expires or is terminated the system returns to default login page

Session expiry and second log in redirects the user to the default log in page even though the user sets a custom log in page for their zones.

00307997/PSC00329751 Mass Update not consistent with lookup field

When using mass update in a lookup field, it is not clear if the list should be updated or appended.

00307864/PSC00329683 Object Integration Name appended with numbers

If the object integration is set to the same as an existing integration name for another object it does not throw an error. Instead, it appends the integration name with numbers.

00307798/PSC00329655 Provide server-side API to start approval process

Provide server-side API to start Approval process automatically.

00311413/PSC00329570 Add “Clear Login Blocked” Menu

Unable to login into a newly created tenant as "Login Blocked" option is enabled.

00307773/PSC00329532 LDF records list and view page inconsistency

LDF is not working after Rollbase Public Cloud update

00313798 & 00307815/PSC00329526 Show total number of records and pages for To-Do and Event Objects

The total number of records and pages for to-do and event objects should be consistently shown taking into account privacy of records.

00306185/PSC00329260 When using Status change page, returning from related view page gives "No

Action Found" Error.

00307444/PSC00329207 Triggers with "On finalize" timing option are not called on Portals.

Triggers with "On finalize" timing option are not called on Portals.

00309972 & 00307006/PSC00329104 Error messages related to database columns should provide more relevant information

When entering more than 80,000 characters on a text area field, it displays the error "String value for column 1 exceeds maximum allowed 80000 chars". The column index in the error refers to the parameter number in a prepared statement. This should display a column which will help customers pinpoint the text area field which got the error.

00295637/PSC00329079 Selecting from the auto-suggested list of External Lookup is not working

00306672/PSC00329013 Object integration name forced to Lower case

Object integration name are always forced to be lower case

00302500/PSC00328820 Communication Log commType is not updating after XML update

A Communication Log field specifically "Type or commType" is not updating the options after Installing and Updating the same application via XML. In the original App a user added a Type option with Test Option|test, after updating another app via XML the new option in commType cannot be found.

00307070 & 00306852/PSC00328762 “after create” triggers should have access to OE-generated record ID

When OE server assigns auto-generated ID to new record, that ID should be available (through template token) to triggers with "after create" timing, the same way it is available for native Rollbase records. Currently auto-generated ID is not available for OE records.

00313824, 00306763 & 00295939/PSC00328659 Duplicate values are assigned to unique autonumber field

Duplicate values are assigned to autonumber fields even though "Do not assign duplicate values for this field" property" is enabled. The two duplicate values are created from different sources: from trigger using data map and from the UI.

00306667/PSC00328582 rbv_api.setField does not update Expression fields

Server-side API setField() does not update Expression field which depends on field being updated.

00306760/PSC00328580 Non-admin created report permission issue

When a non-admin has permissions to "Manage Reports" and creates a report, it only marked it as Private and cannot be shared with other users. When an admin logs into the same customer instance, the admin can see the report on the Page Designer view but cannot run it or see it on the view page. Report permissions was also checked to "View" on all Roles but still Administrator cannot see it.

00305473/PSC00328496 Extracting response body when HTTP error occurs while using rbv_api.sendHttpPOST

"400 - Bad Request" HTTP Status Code received when using rbv_api.sendHttpPOST

00306770 & 00306289/PSC00328485 Convert Relationship does not properly convert relationships

Convert Relationship does not properly convert relationships. It creates clones of the related object and only retains the name field. The lookup field is deleted which causes permanent data loss.

00306260/PSC00328479 Gauge labels show %25 instead of 25%

When Gauge is created with "Percentage" options for its labels - it shows %25 instead of 25%.

00305473 & 00304415/PSC00328152 Catch response codes from webservices using HTTP triggers and APIs

HTTP APIs and Triggers () are not returning the expected response when the request is not OK (status 200). Using try {} catch {} only returns the standard error values (e.g. message, fileName, lineNumber).

00318474 & 00304454/PSC00328143 rbv_api.createRecord() method throwing error in batch script

rbv_api.createRecord() method throwing error in batch script. Triggers are running for 533 ms. 30000 ms max is allowed.

00304516/PSC00327941 clearDataObjectCache() API call does not reset OE cache

00304516/PSC00327940 MaxCachedEntities setting in shared.props is not honored by OECache

00304720/PSC00327930  Typo on Create New Password dialog

00304720/PSC00327839 Migrating from case insensitive to case sensitive passwords

Some existing users cannot login after changing Security Level of an Instance from LOW to HIGH. This happens when an existing user has a password that contains Uppercase during the LOW security level. 

00302794/PSC00327636 Rollbase Approval type of Tally Votes shows sequential

In Rollbase Approval after setting the action "Start Approval Process" to Tally Votes it is showing "Sequential" instead of tally votes in the actual transaction.

00304159/PSC00327416 ViewDef identifier is omitted from a translation spreadsheet

ViewDef identifier is omitted from a translation spreadsheet and View names

will not be translated correctly as a result.

00319970/PSC00327391 Unnecessary label is showing up in delete confirmation dialog box

00303758/PSC00327309 The Show New Link attribute is set in the search results page

The Show New Link attribute is set in the search results page list view but is not working.

00303758/PSC00327306 The "Show New Link" property is set but is not working in the search results

The "Show New Link" property is set but is not working in the search results page list view.

00303755/PSC00327000 “Default view” link is not displayed in search results page

When using global search (Object-specific) or detailed search, the "Default View" button is not displayed on the results page even though a default list view is configured on the search.

00302670/PSC00326996 Inline editing a text area results in undefined

Saving an inline edit with a text area results to undefined if the text area integration name is the same as the section name.

00302794/PSC00326807 Sequential Approval doesn’t go to next approver

Approval functionality has an issue on approving records with parallel and sequential type. Once a first approver approved the record it does NOT continue to the next approver or other approvers. Meaning approval process stops in first approver and mark the record approved without notifying the other approvers.

00302164/PSC00326943 Issues with mobile applications

Record name template not properly evaluated at creation with related fields

00303260/PSC00326728 Issues after installing an application from Application Directory

After installation of application in customer / tenant from application directory there is an action Publish update and Publisher field but Publisher field is empty.

00301069/PSC00325574 Portal CSS are NOT showing the correct properties

Portal CSS are showing the correct design set to its properties when editing the page e.g. when a section is set to have "Title & Rounded Border" and "Collapsible" it does NOT show that it is a Rounded border and Collapsible.

00301760 & 00300470/PSC00325384 Multi-row update is not supported for Long data

Error java.sql.SQLException: [DataDirect][OpenEdge JDBC Driver][OpenEdge] Multi-row update is not supported for Long data when installing APP with custom tokens using OE Database.

00300212/PSC00325259 Google map doesn't display issues

Google map doesn't display correctly after expanding the section containing it.

00299512 & 00286791/PSC00316856 Support Tickets URL not working

Support URL link in file is not working even though the value #SupportTicketUrl is changed. Making the value empty still displays the Support Ticket URL link with a default URL to a support page.

00288073/PSC00315334 rbf.formatDate issue

Using rbf_formatDate(d, ‘yyyy-MM-dd hh:ss’) to format a date returns a date of “2014-0909-26 hh:ss”.

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