Release 4.5.6

Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.5.6 Release Notes

The following section describes issues fixed and enhancements done with this release.

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Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00426529 84149 On Redirection to send.jsp and sendArr.jsp throw errors in the browser console.
00416429 83957 Limited logs insight provided for ADFS SSO configuration errors.
00409607 83861 The selected records count is incorrect when Filtered List View is selected on the search results post Detailed Search.
00418177 83692 Records on which Send Email Workflow action is performed, are not deselected after the action is completed.
00417508 81126 Dynamic filters are lost in the chart after drilling down into chart details and returning to the chart.
00410810 77172 User creation with updateRecord API is failing for multiple databases.
77043 Next workflow status name and relevant target record is not displayed when performing a group action.
00399099 76242 Absence of "On Field Change" validation is executing the delayed trigger each time the conditional formula is evaluated at run time.
76043 "Pages to Skip"and "Render each Record on new page" PDF options do not work on New Document Template and on HTML Template reports.
00369275 75401 More number of list view sections in the pages is causing page rendering to be slow in IE 11.
00399876 75398 When a workflow status is changed, the delayed trigger does not fire.
00399099 73891 Encountering inconsistent behavior in scheduling triggers to queue when performing UI CRUD operations while the Debug window is open.
00401498 72171 Encoded characters are added twice to the URL field type while saving and making the URL invalid.
65765 Backup with encrypted field data causing error after restore for the few records.
00410404 18904 Next workflow status name and relevant target record is not displayed when performing a group action.

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