Energy Industry: Enhance Efficiencies and Increase Asset Performance

Optimization through digitized means can enhance profitability by 20–30%.

Ensure a stable supply of energy to your customers and sustained profitability.

Anomaly Detection and Prediction automates machine learning for lower operating costs and higher asset uptime.

Get the Maximum From Legacy Infrastructure and Ensure Up Time

By combining real-time sensor data with historical performance and other external metrics, DataRPM’s anomaly detection and prediction algorithms help you get the most from legacy infrastructure and ensure continuous operations. Its holistic models help reduce unplanned downtime, boost overall equipment effectiveness and increase asset life.


Anomaly Detection

The key is anomaly detection—the process of identifying outliers in a normal range of performance. Historical data, current data and external influencing factors are analyzed simultaneously to establish baselines for asset performance on an ongoing basis.


Predictive Maintenance

When implemented through unsupervised machine-learning, anomaly detection can help predict future anomalies before they happen so you can take appropriate action. The result is assets that last longer and perform at their best—helping you avoid costly repairs and downtime.


Enhanced Equipment Effectiveness
70% increase in asset health visibility
30% higher output
20% improved asset life
Improved Profitability
90% greater return on investment
50% savings on maintenance
30% lower operating costs
Minimized Service Disruptions
90% fewer unplanned outages
40% improved service reliability
20% faster problem diagnosis
Success Story

Fortune 100 Manufacturer Unlocks Competitive Advantage for Inventory Optimization

DataRPM analyzed 10 years of machine data and predicted which parts were likely to fail and the reasons why using an automated predictive maintenance approach.

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Progress Anomaly Detection and Prediction

Detect and predict anomalies by automating machine learning to achieve higher asset uptime and yield maximization.