LiveChat for Sitefinity

By Live Chat

LiveChat for Sitefinity

LiveChat helps you handle conversations with the customers who visit your websites. Customers can start chats with your agents, but it can also be the other way round. Your agents can initiate chats, making your visitors feel welcome and valued.

If you're up to some automation, you can engage them in a conversation with greetings. Also, delegating some work to bots is an option when running a bussines on a bigger scale.

Your customers can start multiple conversations with agents, as well as continue the existing ones - it's up to them. Keeping track of chat history is easy, as agents can scroll up to get a preview of all the exchanged messages in a conversation.

All of these functionalities are guaranteed out of the box, but this is just a tiny bit of what LiveChat offers. If you're interested in other default features, you can check them out here.

From a more tech perspective, LiveChat Platform provides:

  • open messaging protocol with real-time and web APIs,
  • rich messaging tools and chatbots,
  • reporting and data extraction APIs,
  • management and configuration APIs,
  • monetization tools and Developer Console,
  • Marketplace of apps and services.