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Delivering consumer-grade multichannel experiences is crucial to business success. A strategic approach is the solution.

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The Challenges

Digital Experiences ‐ Fraught
with Challenges

We all know the importance of delivering experiences that exceed expectations across every audience. But it’s also a substantial undertaking with multiple stubborn challenges:

Slow customer experience delivery with missed deadlines and cost overruns impacts revenue growth, costs and business efficiency.

Low customer conversion from poorly optimized marketing funnels affects revenue and wastes resources, while incomplete customer visibility reduces personalization to near guesswork.

Complex integration hampers single view efforts complicating reporting and analytics, leading to poor decision-making and inability to monetize data as an asset.

Ineffective collaboration creates bottlenecks between design, development, DevSecOps QA, and the business, squandering valuable resources.

DXPs that overpromise and underdeliver means poor TCO/ROI, sub-standard CMS and web experience capabilities and technical debt that slows the business.

The challenges are ongoing, as revealed by a 2020 survey of web and business leaders where 90% said they’ve have had cancelled or delayed digital experience projects in the last 12 months.

The Solution

Take a Strategic Approach to Digital

The right DXP delivers best-in-class support for multichannel experiences across web, mobile, desktop, conversational bots, AR and VR.

Employ high productivity with easiest-to-use capabilities for all business and technical participants, speeding delivery of differentiated digital experiences.

Harvest customer insights by bringing in data from all systems involved in the customer journey, ML-based personalization, integrated digital commerce, plus dashboards and reports to monitor the health of the business.

Use an integrated approach to code, data and content to support diverse customer, employee and partner workloads, while providing a foundation for analytics.

Integrate collaborative capabilities and architecture to break down departmental silos, align activities and enable sharing of content, components and business logic.

Integrate an API-first approach to ensure reuse and consistency of backend processing across any digital touchpoint and future-proof the DXP investment for emerging channels.

Implement a cloud-native architecture backed by capabilities that span experiences, transactions, automation, analytics and integration—enabling a customized and comprehensive solution.

Success Story

UK Public-Private Partnership Builds Intelligent Customer Data Platform 

Charged with supporting a diverse regional business audience as well as delivering central government policy, SWLEP needed an intelligent digital platform to improve business engagement.

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Foundation Technology

At Progress, our focus is enabling you to deliver experiences powered by your apps, data and content, making digital your competitive advantage. As the core of our Digital Experience Platform, Progress® Sitefinity® makes it easy for marketers and developers to deliver compelling, multichannel user experiences.






Emerging Channels

Adaptive Experience
Native Apps
Responsive Web
Serverless Cloud Platform
Intelligence as a Service
as a Service
Content as a Service
Mission-critical App Platform
Data Connectivity and Integration / Secure File Transfer

Systems of Record

Big Data

Internet of Things

Files and Reports

Operational Assurance

Take a Strategic Approach to
Digital Experiences