DXPs Need to Be Less Complicated

Tech Execs Have Spoken: Mid-Market Leaders Need a Cost-Effective, Efficient, and User-Friendly DXP Solution

Organizations in the mid-market are continuing to advance their digital maturity. They're looking for a solution that meets their requirements and grows alongside them. A majority of the solutions on the market today may not be ideal for these organizations because of the complexity of implementation, associated overhead costs, and maintenance. 

Discover what the ideal mid-market DXP solution is, according to executive feedback. Get insights from IT and Marketing leaders on: 

  • Investment and strategy priorities moving into 2021
  • New capabilities they plan to adopt
  • Top business and technical barriers to successful implementation
  • Current levels of the digital experience maturity


About this survey report

Progress and Pulse QA surveyed 100 IT, Marketing, and Digital Experience leaders to determine how they’re shifting their Digital Experience Platform (DXP) investments and the most crucial roadblocks they anticipate in being able to execute their strategy heading into 2021. 

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