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Virtual Assistance. Digital Self-service. Intelligent Patient Care.

Cognitive, AI-driven, HIPAA-certified Healthcare Chatbots for real-time, real-feel patient care

The Challenge

Improve the Business of Healthcare

Adopt a digital-first, AI-driven approach and augment your service delivery across a wide range of healthcare functions. Leverage conversational AI and enable patients to find a doctor or service, schedule appointments and get virtual assistance. Reduce the overhead of repetitive calls and routine tasks in scheduling visits, conducting triage, monitoring medication, pre- and post-treatment services and patient care.

Automate the Routine

Augment your facility’s contact center across a spectrum of healthcare functions.

Improve Care Quality

A digital-first approach to providing personalized services and patient care.

Adopt Patient-centric Solutions

Instant response via text and voice. Make it easy for patients to connect and engage.

The solution

Fast and Intuitive Access to Healthcare Information Anytime, Anywhere

Progress® NativeChat is an innovative AI-driven platform for creating and deploying cognitive medical chatbots that connect patients and healthcare providers on their channel of choice—web, social, mobile. Automate repetitive tasks and optimize internal workflows by using natural language interfaces. Conversational chatbots in healthcare offer a patient-centric solution that lets providers cut costs and improve care quality.


Goal-oriented Cognitive Flow

Move beyond simple one-way transfer of information. The NativeChat bot engine lets you generate a natural conversation flow and makes connecting simple for patients.


Easy to Train by Business Users

Powered by an AI engine and natural-language processing, NativeChat enables healthcare providers to easily deploy and train chatbots to reduce costs and improve care quality.


Multiple Channels: Voice & Text

Connect patients and healthcare providers on their channel of choice. Exceed patient expectations and let them access healthcare information anytime, anywhere.


Security and Compliance

NativeChat is a HIPAA-certified platform that supports 2-factor authentication and data encryption in transit and at rest. You take patient data integrity seriously and so do we.

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