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Cognitive, AI-driven Chatbots Help You Keep the Conversation Going in a Connected, Digital World

The Challenge

Connect, Engage and Automate. Real-time. Multichannel.

Invest in experiences, not solutions. Don’t just keep the conversation going—personalize it. Engage customers and enable employees in real time, anywhere. Explore a robust and flexible low-code chatbot development platform. Build, deploy and train cognitive, result-driven, AI-powered chatbots to provide tailored, relevant experiences to visitors and customers, with a personal touch.

Conversational Marketing

Amplify the user experience with ML-driven chatbots to attract and retain customers.

First Line of Support

High quality customer support around the clock. Reduce backlog and resolution time.

24/7 Customer Self-service

Adapt traditional services to stay competitive. Leverage AI and enable customers to self-serve.

The solution

Why NativeChat?

NativeChat is a chatbot building platform that allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks by using natural language interfaces. It provides a rich developer toolset and is extremely flexible in terms of deployment.


Tight Data Security and Compliance

Secure access with SSO and two-factor authentication. Data security in transit and at rest. End-to-end encryption. SOC2 and HIPAA certified. Secure connectivity via mutual TLS.


Rich Conversational UI

Rich UI controls for multiple channels. Present the information in rich and more engaging ways than simple text. Deploy on messaging apps, virtual assistants and enterprise channels.


Omnichannel and Multilingual

Develop once and deploy across platforms. Bot logic and training are the same, while NativeChat handles the presentation specifics. Natural Language Processing in 60+ languages.


Short Time to Market

Innovative in-house bot engine. Up and running in two weeks. Declarative programming, JSON data format and low-code implementations. Single code base deployable on multiple platforms.

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