Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 4.1.1395

May 13, 2011

Release Notes – 4.1 SP 1

What’s New

  • Analytics: Exception logging is added
  • For Developers: Added ability to create a base page for public or backend pages. This can be used to inject common logic for the respective pages
  • Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX are upgraded to version 2011.1.413
  • Telerik RadControls for Silverlight are upgraded to version 2011.1.0419
  • Telerik OpenAccess ORM is upgrade to version 2011.1.510.1
  • jQuery is upgraded to version 1.5.2

What’s Fixed

Upgrade Issues

  • Widgets: Some widgets show on the page frontend and not in the backend (PITS)
  • Page Templates: Editing Content block results in error
  • Browse end Edit: Option is not available for pages using a master page template (PITS)
  • Classifications: Deleting Category results in error Return code: 12031
  • Users: Attempt to create a new user results in error
  • Lists: Opening backend section Lists displays popup windows that block the loading of the page (PITS)
  • Newsletter: Clicking "Mailing Lists" results in error


  • Reordering of pages is not updated in the backend and Navigation Widget (PITS)
  • Templates: Updating a template is not reflected on the page until the page is republished (PITS)
  • In option "This page redirects to another page "changes made to "Open this link in a new window" checkbox are not properly applied (PITS)
  • Changing group page to normal page causes error
  • Title & Properties: Checking "Allow multiple URLs" causes error (PITS)
  • Title & Properties: Saving changes to title and properties of a group page produces no result (PITS)
  • Title & Properties>Advanced Options: Properties under "Caching options" are shown twice (PITS)
  • Editing the properties of external page is disabled (PITS)
  • Layout Tab: Upon the creation of a custom layout control, which references script files in embedded resources, the resources are not loaded when the user initially drags and drops the control on a page/template (PITS)


  • Navigation Widget: Option to show "All pages under particular page" doesn't work
  • Navigation Widget: In option "Custom selection of pages" entering a page URL and clicking the "Add" button results in error (PITS)
  • Navigation Widget: When option “All pages under particular page” is selected but no page is specified, Argument null exception shows (PITS)
  • Content Block> Image Manager, Image Widget: The selection of an image is lost upon clicking "Insert the image" (PITS, PITS)
  • Content Block: When inserting link to images or documents that are already uploaded, inconsistent pagination is applied in the media selector (PITS)
  • User list Widget: "Users by roles..." filter is not applied
  • Profile user Widget: Editing Category custom field, added to a profile type, causes error
  • Shared Content Block: Deleting the ID property in the widget Advanced mode causes error


  • News: Summary longer than 255 characters is trimmed without a warning
  • Events: Subsequent edits of "Location" and "Contact information" cannot be made
  • Lists: Blank alert window is shown when the list items grid view is expanded in the backend
  • Lists: Creating list items without spaces in the first 250 characters causes the summary to throw exceptions in the backend
  • Lists: "Select all" check box for list items doesn’t not work in all browsers
  • Lists: When clicking either the "Edit Selected Template..." or "Create New Template", both "Save Changes" and "Create Template" buttons appear

Images, Videos, Documents and Files

  • Bulk editing of Images titles, categories and tags doesn’t apply the changes (PITS)
  • Image Widget: Reordering of images in album is not applied in Thumbnail view (PITS)
  • When a second provider is added, uploading files causes errors
  • Author field cannot be updated in Images, Videos, and Documents


  • Pages that should not be visible for everyone are shown in navigation and result in error when users click them (PITS)
  • Permissions are not supported for custom roles (PITS)

Multilingual Support

  • Pages: URL is not updated when Page Name is changed
  • Content Block: Inserting a link to documents shows option to link to the files in the default culture only
  • Setting Turkish as default language for the backend results in error


  • User Profiles: Custom fields added to a profile type cannot be selected to be displayed/edited in the Profile widget template (PITS, PITS,PITS)
  • Login page: Title is updated to show 4.1 and not 4.0 (PITS)
  • SiteMapPath and RadSiteMap are not working in latest internal build (PITS)
  • Clicking Revision history when the page is locked by an user causes error
  • Settings>Advanced: Editor configuration is not working
  • Analytics: Multiple requests cause issues when a new dictionary is added
  • Analytics: When using the Demo account, an exception is thrown saying that the user's Google Analytics credentials are incorrect

Breaking Changes Update

  • An error for duplicate control IDs appear on the frontend pages after upgrade from 4.0 and 4.0 SP1. An automatic solution is available in the following KB Article
  • Grey background is added to Sitefinity Basic theme and might show as on some elements of the page which have no background specified

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