Refined and Tailored Messaging

Find hidden marketing potential, then act upon those insights to increase conversion potential.

Personalization by Persona

Sitefinity assigns each visitor to persona profiles based on their unique problems and interests, enabling you to create messages that resonate. It predicts when a visitor is an IT or business professional, consumer or enterprise buyer, or any other visitor type relevant to you. Directly apply those data insights to content targeting, creating a relevant, personalized experience for each persona. 
Personalization by Persona

Predictive Personalization

Sitefinity’s personalization engine enables you to target various groups of prospects and turn them into buyers, using a recommended “Best Next Experience,” which has been proven to increase the chance of converting prospects to customers. The dynamic audience segmentation is also integrated with the personalization engine of Sitefinity. 
Predictive Personalization

Validate Through A/B Testing

Shift your marketing strategy efforts from assumption to knowledge by running A/B tests to experiment with variations of the original page and measure which variation sways visitors to the desired goal. Page variations are displayed to visitors at random traffic distribution for a specific duration. Then, explore performance results and statistical analysis for the effect of the change and determine which variation is your winner for future optimization. You can experiment with almost any part of your page – forms, layout, position of page elements, content elements, call to action, images, and more.

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