360-Degree Visitor View

Amass the data and insights that help you improve each visitor’s experience.

Encompassing Customer Profile

Sitefinity DEC builds a 360-degree customer profile that consolidates everything learned about a prospect, anonymous or not. Not only does it display the identity of the potential customer, but also their behavior along with insights as to why they’ve made their choices. 
360° Customer Profile

Online Behavior Tracking

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud makes it easy to track behavior patterns based on any kind of customer interaction–page visits, video plays, document downloads, form submissions or events attended.  
Online Behavior Tracking

Data Integration

Customer interactions across multiple channels—social, web, email and more—can end up siloed in your various enterprise systems. Sitefinity DEC makes it easy to integrate all customer interactions with its comprehensive integration framework and enterprise systems connectors. 
Data Integration

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