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Sample Data Generation, Personalization Reporting for Widgets and Touchpoint Statistics with Total Hits

September 14, 2016

Sample Data Generation

If you want to get a better feeling of the Sitefinity Sitefinity Insight features or want to demonstrate the great value our product brings to marketers, it is now just a click away. You can create Sample Data Centers in a few seconds, prefilled with a standard set of analytical recommendations for the Sitefinity CMS sandbox Quantum scenario. Furthermore, if you are an advanced user already, you can create your own custom scenario just by mentioning form names, URLs and other interactions, and the system will automatically generate meaningful reports with dummy historical data matching your needs in order to show you how such a scenario would look like.

Personalization Reporting for Widgets
You might have already seen the Personalization Reports Sitefinity Sitefinity Insight is offering to measure the success of your page personalization efforts. Now we have enhanced this functionality to cover the fine grain campaigns running only for a selected area of your page through widget personalization, without changing the entire page layout.

Touchpoint Statistics with Total Hits
Our Touchpoint statistics have always been dedicated to counting and listing unique 360 contact profiles rather than total page visits. However, we have found out that the total hits of a Touchpoint are still relevant for some of your scenarios, and we have reacted - now the Touchpoint statistics have two charts, unique and total hits, providing more historical information on the engagement with a given Touchpoint. All your Touchpoint statistics are already upgraded and you can see there the total hits encountered even before this new chart was introduced.

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