License Renewals and Upgrades

All Sitefinity licenses include at least one year of technical support and product updates. Renewing your maintenance is the most cost-effective way to benefit from the latest technology and product innovation. For a comprehensive list of advantages, please visit our "Why Renew" page.

The renewal rate of all Sitefinity perpetual licenses is 30% of the license list price and subscription licenses are renewable at the same price as the initial annual purchase. To review the available renewal options and pricing, log into your account.

Sitefinity License Renewal Timeline
Renewal Rate
Applies to customers renewing prior to or up to 10 days after the license maintenance expiration date
Returning Customer Renewal Rate
Applies to customers renewing licenses with expired maintenance for more than 10 days

All domain, server and feature add-ons are bound to the maintenance of the underlying Sitefinity Support Offering they are associated with, so that add-on maintenance is renewable at the same date as the license regardless of when an add-on was purchased or associated with the license.

Customers can upgrade their Sitefinity license to a higher Customer Success Package (e.g. Base to Essential, Essential 24x7 to Premium) or purchase an add-on (e.g. additional domain or contact profiles) at any point in time to launch a new website or benefit from additional product capabilities. Customers with active maintenance benefit from preferential upgrade pricing: 50% of the original license purchase is applied as a discount credit towards the purchase of a new license.

Customers upgrading their license also get a full year of maintenance and technical support from the date of the upgrade purchase. Make sure to review the purchase FAQs for additional information.