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Sprint Update on September 2, 2022

September 02, 2022

What's new

Queryable Data Breakdown for Page Views and API Calls

In addition to the total count of monthly page views and API calls, you can now also use KQL to query a breakdown of the data based on HTTP Method, HTTP Host, URL Path, and Query String. The system will store the daily top 100 results for page views and API calls as SitefinityCloudDailyUsageBreakdown_CL log entries. To query the data you can open the Page Views & API Calls link for Production on the Welcome page of the Sitefinity Cloud Management Portal and run a custom query using the log type SitefinityCloudDailyUsageBreakdown_CL. You can find more information and sample queries in the following documentation article - Monitoring - Sitefinity CMS Administration and Monitoring (

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