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Sprint Update on November 12, 2021

November 12, 2021

What's new

Configuration option for Automated Upgrades to stay a number of versions behind latest official

This setting can be used for customers that want to stay behind a given number of versions and not receive automated upgrades for the latest official version. For example, receive automated upgrades for 13.3 patches, but don't want to upgrade to 14.0 yet. This is configured by the Sitefinity Cloud team and needs to be requested by the customer through a support case.

Customize email notification list for Automated Upgrades

Customers can now modify who receives emails for automated upgrades. The setting is part of a new "Email Notification Lists" Variable Group. Changing the value of the "AutomatedUpgrade" variable will modify the list of recipients. Groups like "Access Repos and Pipelines" can also be listed by using square brackets. Sending emails to everyone in the "Access Repos and Pipelines" group is the default value.

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