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Sprint Update on March 24, 2023

March 24, 2023

What's improved

  • Improved server-side load time for requests that are not cached on the CDN for all customers by re-architecting Cloudflare CDN edge worker functions. Overhead for uncached resources (compared to direct requests to origin) is reduced from 80ms-600ms to 40ms-200ms.
  • Switched Azure DevOps agents from Windows to Linux for .NET Core Renderer CI/CD which resulted in:
    • Up to 3x faster CI execution
    • Up to 2x faster CD execution
  • Reduced time for deployment on regional failover environments by optimizing pipeline tasks
  • Upgraded Azure Cache Redis services for all customers to Redis version 6 - Upgrade your Azure Cache for Redis instances to use Redis version 6 by 30 June 2023 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
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