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Sprint Update on June 30, 2023

June 30, 2023

What's improved

  • Improved the monthly “Sitefinity Cloud Usage Report” email to include a forecast for page views and/or API calls in case they are trending to go above the limit for the current billing period. The forecast extrapolates the monthly average for the past 3 months and is made only after at least 6 months have passed from the start of the billing period. The Sitefinity Coud license holder and Progress Account Manager are added to the email in case overages are forecasted.
  • Improved Cache.Purge pipeline to send email notification on failure
  • Improved warmup task in CI/CD pipeline to show a more detailed error message, which points customers to look for the issue in the application logs, because the failure is likely caused by their latest code changes.
  • Fixed bug with missing link to Application Insights logs in the email notification for failing warmup task
  • Improved CI/CD pipeline execution time for .NET Core Renderer by moving some of the tasks that extract information from the deployment package to the CI stage before the package is archived
  • Improved DB.Export pipeline by switching all tasks to Azure CLI, which removes an Azure PowerShell task for tracking the export status that can sometimes fail due to issues with the Azure API
  • Improved execution time of Bootstrap job in the CD stage by refactoring it to use Ubuntu agents
  • Improved execution time of Application.Restart pipeline by refactoring it to use Ubuntu agents
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