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Release Notes

Sprint Update on August 25, 2023

August 25, 2023

What's improved

  • Fixed bug with User Management UI not loading for some customers due to inconsistencies in the underlying Azure DevOps API.
  • Fixed bug with user invitations in some cases for organizations with more than one project.
  • Fixed bug with custom notification email list for Automated Upgrades not working.
  • Update Sitefinity CLI to v1.1.0.35 to resolve issue with upgrades where packages support netstandard 2.1.
  • Fixed bug with Automated Upgrades when .NET Core Renderer application is hosted in an external repository.
  • Sitefinity Cloud no longer includes page pre-compilation as part of the CD pipeline - Web Forms deprecation with Sitefinity CMS 14.1 - Sitefinity CMS (
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