Sitefinity Cloud Tiers

Leverage high-availability cloud infrastructure that scales as requirements change and business grows.

Tier Details

Staying ahead in today's competitive environment requires you to accelerate development, testing and deployment while minimizing infrastructure management overhead.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Included Domains
Pageviews per Month
1 000 0005 000 000 30 000 000
API Requests
Included Management Portal Users
1020 30
Supported Number of Websites
Uptime Service Level Availability (SLA)
Security & System Health
Zone-redundant DB
DB Backup Retention (days)
35-day point-in-time restore35-day point-in-time restore35-day point-in-time restore
Application Monitoring
Health Monitoring
Phone Support
Availability Management
Root Cause Analysis
 8/58/5 8/5
Software Maintenance
Managed Service

Included or Available as Add-on Across Tiers

  • Management Portal a_accordion_arrow-3
    Source Control RepositoryA fully integrated repo for your Sitefinity project source code. The built-in Git Repository enables teams to capitalize on Git’s branching capabilities for compliance, security and collaboration. External repositories can be connected as well.
    Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)Automate the build and deployment process and minimize margin of error by applying modern DevOps practices. Built-in CI/CD capabilities enable dev teams to code, test and deploy at the click of a button.
    Automated UpgradesAn automated process checks for and applies updates, creates a build and a pull request, and notifies the administrator.
    User ManagementManage Cloud Management Portal users and Sitefinity users in a single, comfortable hub. Invite people to your Sitefinity project and give them granular permissions, in tight Active Directory integration.
    Self-Service Domain ManagementAdd/register or remove domains across environments. The fully automated process handles SSL, domain validation and all the configurations of the underlying infrastructure.
    DashboardsFull visibility and control over project administration, development and deployment. Pre-configured dashboards display information related to the infrastructure including uptime, CPU usage, available memory, and request execution time.
    Active DirectorySitefinity Cloud uses Azure Active Directory for user authentication and authorization. Every Sitefinity Cloud customer has a dedicated Azure AD. Azure DevOps and Sitefinity are integrated with the same AD, which allows for single-sign-on across the Management Portal and the Sitefinity CMS backend.
    WikiA hub in the Management Portal for organizing and sharing essential project resources across your team.


  • Process a_accordion_arrow-3
    .NET Core Frontend Add-onIn addition to the existing layer of services in Sitefinity Cloud, with the .NET Core Renderer, you have access to the following: + Additional Azure DevOps repository, based on Git, for developing the .NET Core Renderer application. + Additional App Services for each environment where the .NET Core Renderer application is deployed. + Additional pipeline for building and deploying the .NET Core Renderer application across each environment, separately from the main Sitefinity application. + Automated upgrades for the .NET Core Renderer application.
    Content Pipeline Add-onContent Pipeline gives marketers the same level of productivity and independence through automation that developers get from CI / CD code pipelines. An additional dedicated environment for staging and publishing content, fully in line with the best content management practices, and an automated process for content promotion make the Content Pipeline the secure and reliable alternative of editing content on your production environment.
    Additional Environment Add-on (NLB or single instance)Each Sitefinity Cloud subscription has a superbly configured Continuous Delivery (CD) setup consisting of two isolated environments, Production and Staging, each with its own web app, database and storage. Additional environments are avilable to purchase, with or without Network Load Balancing.
    Multi-region Failover Add-onA robust disaster recovery option, ensuring against critical incidents and infrastructure outage, and enabling engineering teams to restore service availability within 30min.
    Zone Redundant DatabaseThe production database is replicated in a separate availablity zone, so that it can be immediately recovered in the rare case of an incident. Zone-redundancy leverages separate physical locations with independent power, cooling, and networking
    1TB External Media Storage Add-onMedia and document storage alternative to database, with a dedicated and fully preconfigured blob container for each environment.
  • Security a_accordion_arrow-3
    SSL CertificateA Transport Layer Security or Secured Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) certificate between Progress Sitefinity and your web audience, which delivers your web content securely.
    SSL EncryptionCommonly used encryption protocols designed to provide integration and communication security over a computer network.
    Automated OS Security UpdatesAutomatic security updates administered by Sitefinity Cloud team to ensure enterprise grade Cloud security.
    DDoS MitigationAdvanced protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks targeting your site's resources and making the application unavailable to legitimate users.
    Virtual NetworkSitefinity Cloud's virtual network allows you to establish an efficient networking structure. Consume and communicate data between other private networks.
    DB BackupScheduled and on-demand backups of each environment database, which can be used for local development purposes. Sitefinity Cloud retains backup copies for 90 days.
  • Production / Staging Environment a_accordion_arrow-3
    (Production only)
    With load balancing and auto-scaling, Sitefinity Cloud intelligently distributes website visitors to the available web server nodes and scales-out the number of nodes to accommodate traffic.
    Load Balancing
    (Production only)
    Efficiently distribute load or incoming network traffic across a group of backend resources or servers.
    Web Application Firewall
    (Production and Staging)
    The Cloudflare web application firewall (WAF) keeps applications and APIs secure and productive, thwarts DDoS attacks, keeps bots at bay, detects anomalies and malicious payloads, all while monitoring for browser supply chain attacks.
    Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    (Production and Staging)
    CDN ensures maximum client-side performance by caching page HTML and static resources (media and static files) on CDN edge servers. CDN significantly improves website performance not only in terms of actual page load time but when handling high traffic as well.
    Search Service
    (Production and Staging)
    Azure Search allows a seamless experience when working with search indexes by easily identifying relevant content at scale.
    Distributed Cache
    (Production only)
    Distributed output cache by Azure Cache for Redis helps improve the performance after deployment or scale-out, as instances do not have to build up the output cache on their own.
  • Administration Add-ons a_accordion_arrow-3
    Additional Domains1, 5, 10 or 50
    Additional Pageviews100,000 or 1,000,000
    Additional Backend UsersSitefiity backend users, available in sets of 5. Scale when ready
    System Audit Module The Audit Trail module tracks changes and events in the system and thereby assists in maintaining transparency and accountability in larger teams and organizations.
  • Connectors a_accordion_arrow-3
    MarketoTrack web traffic and behavior, while enabling the synchronization of Sitefinity forms with any Marketo lead.
    SalesForceUse Salesforce data to personalize experiences, while arming your sales teams with online intelligence to guide influential conversations.
    SharePointThe two-way connector between Sitefinity and SharePoint allows for digital assets and lists of items to be edited from both ends and synced.
    Eloqua Empower marketing to track campaign landing pages, online forms, and integrate contact data with Oracle Eloqua.
    HubSpot Create, map and connect forms, and post data to HubSpot to help increase visitors, conversions and customers.
    Translation Management For enterprise multilingual content management. Multilingual support lets you localize pages, content items, taxonomies, etc. operating out of multiple locations and serving a global audience.
  • Ecommerce a_accordion_arrow-3
    Ucommerce SubscriptionA fully integrated digital commerce solution to deliver ecommerce aligned with your content and marketing efforts.

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