Sitefinity Cloud uses Lucene as the default search service for Sitefinity projects. Lucene offers basic search capabilities and search indexes are generated and stored on the file system.
For more advanced search capabilities, Sitefinity Cloud offers the Advanced Search add-on that uses Azure Cognitive Search. Search indexes are generated and stored in the Cloud and you can use the various capabilities of Azure Cognitive Search that are integrated with Sitefinity, such as scoring profiles and faceted search.
For more information, see Azure search services.

NOTE: The sections below relate to the advanced search capabilities (based on Azure Cognitive Search).

Use the search services

As a Sitefinity Cloud user, you have direct access to Azure Cognitive Search. To access the services, perform the following:

  1. Log in to Sitefinity Cloud Management Portal.
  2. In the left pane, navigate to Overview » Summary
    The overview of your application opens.
  3. Under the Environments section, click the Go to Azure Search button of the respective environment.

Using the search explorer, you can inspect the content inside the search indexes and configure different scoring profiles for the search index, which can be used from the Sitefinity application.


The default Lucene search service has unlimited indexes, 250GB of storage, and at least 99.95% availability.

The Azure Cognitive Search in the Advanced Search add-on use the Standard S1 tier, which is limited to 50 search indexes and 25GB of storage. At least 99.9% availability for index query requests when an Advanced Search with SLA add-on is purchased.

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