Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 4.0.1210

March 02, 2011

What’s New


  • Implemented advanced page properties:
    • Enable/disable Viewstate, SSL, Scriptmanager, Output caching
    • Include/exclude page from search indexing
    • Option to insert head tags


  • Widget Templates - Added "Restore to default template" functionality
  • Error Logging - Added extended info and logging of handled exceptions in the error log
  • Analytics - Added SSL support
  • Multilingual - Added support for specific ASP.NET cultures
  • Forms - Added multilingual support for form entries
  • Backend Pages – Included ability to edit backend templates
  • Browse end edit – Added permissions
  • RadControls - Upgraded to 2010 Q3 version


What’s Fixed

Important Fix (Upgrade is recommended):

  • Problem with change of page template resulting in lost widgets on the page
  • Load balancing: fixed critical problems

Performance Optimizations

  • Improved performance on the Pages screen
  • Improvements in page caching


  • Group page Actions menu doesn’t show an option to create a child page (Ticket ID: 387276)
  • Server error when accessing a Group Page with no Child pages
  • Error appearing on preview of a page with one content block
  • Error "Object does not match target type" when dropping Style Sheet Manager control on a page
  • Duplicating a page and changing its parent results in message "You cannot save your changes, because a page with such URL already exists. Change the page URL and try again"
  • Back to revision history button takes you back to pages list (Rivision History forum thread)
  • Page URLs are not resolved properly when the name of the project is entered with uppercase letters
  • Changed the ordering of the CSS links in the public page head section to be:  1. Rad controls files, 2. themes files, 3. Files added via CSS widget

Page Templates

  • Trying to publish a template shows unnecessary message "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?"
  • Undefined Error when trying to publish new template with custom master file   
  • Fixed issue with template loosing relationship to a base template when it is renamed


  • Removed RadControls from Widgets toolbar
  • Navigation - Fixed problem with Navigation type not updated
  • Image> From already selected option -  Applied paging and increased performance (Issue with Default view for Content > Images )
  • Image Gallery  – Alternative text doesn’t have background  under IE
  • Image/Video Galleries - Upload button  does not perform action
  • Image Gallery, Video gallery, Download list - upload new items throws a JavaScript error
  • Content Block - In HTML mode added validation for allowed tags  (certain code into content box will break SF)
  • Content Block - Document Manager doesn’t display properly long document titles (CSS problem in Documents Designer)
  • Workflow statuses cannot be changed for items uploaded through widgets


  • Error showing when the user clicks on More actions menu and Publish button
  • When filtering is applied, the link 10 more doesn’t work
  • Categories – When adding a Child category all subcategories are shown under Select Parent   
  • Comments - if you delete a content item with comments and try to access Comments section an error appears
  • Comments - Server error while attempting to add comment when user is not logged

Images, Videos, Documents and Files

  • Inserting an image or video from your computer and publishing the item in Chrome results in exception
  • Updating the setting "ItemsPerPage (in Advanced Settings> Libraries > Controls > ImagesBackend > ImagesBackendList ) causes  paging to be lost in Image list in Administration


  • Exposed the following events: FieldValidatio, BeforeFormSave, BeforeFormAction, FormSaved
  • Entries support: The CSV exporter was added to the unity container


  • Issue with UserManager and RoleManager not retrieving data from all providers 
  • URL creation/parsing bug where city/region links are with the same location name
  • Removed CountryCenterLocations.config from the root folder of SitefinityWebApp
  • Switching the data grouping (e.g. day to month) occasionally causes the chart to display incorrectly and throw exceptions on tooltip opening
  • Users can select invalid date ranges in the date range picker
  • Selecting a start date earlier than 1/1/2005 caused an exception to be thrown
  • Better validation states to the Settings page and Administrators page
  • Added a drop-down combo box for dashboards with multiple dimension values (e.g. Browsers dashboard where each browser is a dimension value).

Users and Permissions

  • Pages, Content - added proper message when user with no permissions tries to delete locked item/page
  • Images, Videos - embedded link to a file is accessible by users who don’t have the necessary permissions
  • Published Video, Images, Documents cannot be viewed by non authenticated users
  • A link to a protected page inserted in a Content Block is not rendered if the user viewing the page is not logged in (How do I get all links to showup)
  • Adding or removing users doesn't update the users counter in the filters "By Roles" and "Roles"
  • Permissions assigned to page groups are not inherited and applied properly


  • Incorrect paging in Search results widget which is placed on a child page
  • Search results widget with applied template Title only  displays incorrect URL in the search results (Search Result Title only Template)

Multilingual Support

  • Design > Page templates -  Editor trying to edit a page which template is restricted to admins, sees an error message
  • Search problems while front end localization is on
  • Deleting one translation deletes all language versions
  • Fixed if-modified-since header datetime parsing for custom locale settings

SDK> Products Module Sample

  • Fix for various problems with comments
  • Custom field controls
  • Installing a custom taxonomy
  • Deleting of comments when deleting a product item


  • Workflow - The default SitefinityWebApp.csproj includes the Workflow files that were removed from the project. References are now fixed
  • Approval Workflow - Fixed issue with user not able to edit the status of image/video/document when these have been uploaded through the editor of the page
  • Custom fields - Application crash when using an user defined taxonomy in a custom field in Upload Dialog
  • Administration - Editing Default Backend Template in Backend Pages results in error "
  • Sitefinity Project - Removed the workflow folder reference in the SitefinityWebApp.csproj, included the Configuration folder
  • Project Manager – Creating new project on FTP and right-clicking on Show License Info displays exception
  • Expires headers are not set on resources

Known Issues

For a list of known issue, please, see Siteifnity on Telerik’s Public Tracking System. You can vote and report bugs there.


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