License information

You can see details about your license on the Version and Licensing page.

To open the page, in Sitefinity CMS backend, navigate to Administration » Version & Licensing.

On this page, you can see the following:


The type of license that you own.
For example, DX or Cloud.

License type Whether you license is a subscription based or not.
For example, Sitefinity Cloud license is a subscription license, while Sitefinity CMS is perpetual.
Date of activation The date when your license was activated
Expiration date The date when the license expires.
This is displayed only for subscription license types, such as Sitefinity Cloud.
Product version The currently installed Sitefinity CMS version.
For example, 13.2.
Build version The currently installed build of Sitefinity CMS
License holder The entity that the license is registered to.
For example, Marketing team.
Email The email used to register the license
Company name The company that has purchased the license
Concurrent users The maximum number of concurrent users permitted by your license type
Published content items The maximum number of published content items that are permitted by your license type
Published Pages The maximum number of published pages permitted by your license type
Subdomains The conditions which apply when registering subdomains
Packages and add-ons Available only for Sitefinity Cloud licenses. The purchased Sitefinity Cloud add-ons and other packages.
If you have not purchased any additional packages with your Cloud license, the field is not displayed.
Licensed modules A list of Sitefinity modules that are included in your license type
Domains A list of all domains registered with your license

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