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Persona Profiling and Predictive Recommendations

October 29, 2014

Persona Profiling
The ability to create Persona profiles, define scoring rules for each profile and view reports presenting the contacts that are recognized as a certain Persona over a period of time

Contact Profiling
View the demographic information and Persona scoring results for every known contact in the system.

Marketing Goals
Define any known digital interaction as your marketing goal and follow the daily updated conversion rates.

Predictive Recommendations
Get the data-driven Best Next Experience for automatically grouped segments of contacts based on their previous behaviour. Get the current conversion rates for each segment and the potential improvement when the Best Next Experience is provided.

Campaigns Tracking
Prove the success of the recommended Best Next Experience by tracking a particular segment and its conversion rates over a period of time and comparing it with the historical data for the same segment.

Dashboard Reports
Get an overview of the latest Persona Profiles, conversion rates, interactions and number of contacts in the system, from a convenient dashboard

Users Management
Invite new users to your cloud account automatically and track who has access to it.

Data Center Management
Add or remove Data Centers for aggregating or separating the customer journeys (contacts, interactions) according to your business needs.
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