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Full Customer Journey per Contact and Conversions in Contact Profiles

November 30, 2015

Full Customer Journey per Contact
On the Contact Profile page, you can now access the full Customer Journey of every known contact, including all the interactions with their dates and order. Filtering is made available so that you can find what you are interested in even if the Journey is long and complex. The first and last interactions are explicitly added to the main Contact View, so you can quickly find out for example which is the first web page ever visited by this contact, and which was the last one to this moment, or which was the last email campaign this contact has been exposed to.

Conversions in Contact Profiles
You are now able to find out which are the Conversions of each known contact, and the date of the conversion. This information is made available on the Contact Profile page.

Contact filtering by Conversion
Using the Contacts page, you can now filter contacts by their conversions. This allows you to visualize all contacts that have converted, and to define more complex filters including such criteria.
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