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Release Notes

Recommendations Probability for Predictive Recommendations, Traffic filtering by IP and Flexible statistics calculation time

May 26, 2015

Predictive Recommendations
  • Recommendations Probability - Apart from the potential increase of conversions for the target segment, you will now be able to see the probability of the recommendation based on the predictive algorithms. Each recommendation falls into one of the major probability groups - High Probability, Medium Probability or Low Probability.
Data Collection
  • Traffic filtering by IP - Ensure you are only tracking the web site visitors and not your own colleagues visiting the company web site by configuring filters, based on the corporate IP address or range of IP addresses. No interactions from those IP addresses will be recorded after the filter is defined.
  • Flexible statistics calculation time - Sitefinity Insight recalculates all statistics daily, to provide refreshed reports and charts. This recalculations takes a significant amount of time, so it is recommended to be run outside working hours. With the new Data Calculation Time setting under General Settings tab, you can configure the appropriate time for each data center.
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