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Marketing Attribution, Conversion Tracking and Campaigns visual redesign and Access to multiple Sitefinity Insight Accounts

March 11, 2015

New Feature: Marketing Attribution

Based on the defined touchpoints and conversion tracking, marketers will now automatically get attribution reports. Per touchpoint, those reports will show which are the conversions that are mostly influenced by this touchpoint. Per conversion tracking, they will show which are the key digital assets (touchpoints) that are influencing the conversion rates positively or negatively.

Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking definition page refreshed - Now defining a new conversion tracking is a guided experience with a simple search functionality for each interaction that is added.
  • Campaign page redesigned - The Campaign Tracking page is now completely redesigned to present in a better and more visual manner the outcomes of each campaign. It clearly show the two key outcomes of each campaign - changes in conversion rate of the target segment, and how engaged this segment is now in comparison with the initial state.
  • Users to access multiple accounts - The system now allows a user to be granted access to more than one Sitefinity Insight account, and easily switch between the accounts using a simple drop-down in the page header.
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