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Enhancements of Conversion Tracking reports (formerly known as Goals), Predictive Recommendations and Contact Profiling

January 24, 2015

Marketing Goals
  • Goals renamed to Conversion Tracking - For better clarity, the Goals are renamed to Conversion Tracking.
Predictive Recommendations
  • The recommendations pages are redesigned and optimized - The recommendations grid is optimized for a better presentation of the recommendation contents and purpose.
Conversion Tracking
  • Comparison between current and previous conversion rates - Now the user can relate the current conversion rates with the historical statistics, getting a better understanding of the trends.
  • Monthly statistics - In addition to the daily trend visualization, the user can now switch to a monthly mode of the conversion tracking chart, allowing a high-level overview of the conversions variability.
  • Total conversions trend - The conversions chart can now present not only the daily changes, but the aggregated total numbers for the conversions since the conversion tracking start.
Predictive Recommendations
  • Top overall recommendations - In addition for the recommendations list per conversion tracking, now the user can see what are the best overall recommendations directly on the main dashboard.
  • Single recommendation view - Each recommendation can now be viewed in full details when the user clicks on the respective recommendations list item.
  • Hiding obsolete recommendations - Due to the data-driven nature of the system, every recommendation is based on data, but some of them are hardly doable. For that purpose the user can now hide any recommendations with a Best Next Experience that is irrelevant or not achievable, so that the recommendations list contains the ones that are more important or interesting. Any hidden recommendation can be added back to the list using the hidden recommendations page.
Contact Profiling
  • Full contact filtering - The user can filter the list of known contacts using simple or complex criteria, such as personal attributes, lead scoring, persona, campaigns, or a combination of them.
  • Contacts export - The user can export to a CSV file any list of contacts that is achieved using the contact filters.

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