Google Data Studio connector

Google Data Studio overview

With Google Data Studio, you collaboratively create and share real-time interactive dashboards and reports for your digital marketing needs with your team. Access various data sources, such as CRMs, MAs, or even CSV files, and connect with Sitefinity Insight. You can merge , visualize, and share all data into configurable charts and reports and gain a holistic understanding of your marketing efforts.

Sitefinity Insight connector for Google Data Studio

You use Sitefinity Insight Connector to access your Sitefinity Insight data within Google Data Studio. You can build visualizations, based on the daily data that you accumulated in Sitefinity Insight about audiences, conversions, campaigns, and more. You can then leverage Google Data Studio to visualize your data and get to the level of detail you need.

You can combine your Sitefinity Insight data with other data sources, such as CRMs, Marketing automation systems, or your internal production systems to aggregate reports.

Connect to Google Data Studio

To connect Sitefinity Insight and Google Data Studio and get rich visualization of your unified data perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Google Data Studio’s Connect to Data page.
  2. Locate Progress Sitefinity Insight pane and click Create data source.

    RECOMMENDATION: To quickly locate the pane, you can use the filter on the top of the page to type Sitefinity.

  3. Log into Google Data Studio.
    The Untitled data source page opens.
  4. Click Authorize and enter your Sitefinity Insight data centers access key to grant access to the specific data centers in Sitefinity Insight.

    NOTE: Skip this step, if you have already connected your Sitefinity Insight and your Google Data Studio accounts.

  5. In Sitefinity Insight Data Center dropdown select the Insight data center that contains the data, which you want to visualize in Google Data Studio.
  6. Click Connect.

RESULT: Your Google and Insight accounts are linked and you can start building your reports.

Fields description

To build reports and charts in Data Studio, you use fields, which are columns of data. Fields contain either Dimensions - for example, the categories or things you want to measure, or Metrics - for example, the numbers that measure the items in each dimension. For more information, see Google Data Studio documentation » Fields in reports.

When using Sitefinity Insight connector, field data is provided by your Sitefinity Insight data center.
When you configure the Sitefinity Insight connector, the full list of fields appears in Google Data Studio. Another case when you can use fields is to create reports and charts, where you can drag and drop the fields to create charts or table reports.

IMPORTANT: Sitefinity Insight connector provides daily statistics for Insight artifacts. Each Sitefinity artifact has properties that you access and map to Data studio fields, according to the table below.




The type of artifact stored in Sitefinity Insight. Artifacts are the objects you manage and measure in Insight. Sitefinity Insight Connector currently supports the following artifacts: Lead Scoring, PersonasConversions, and Touchpoints.


Applies to Lead Scorings only. Enables you to access the name of the stages in a Lead scoring.


The name of the Sitefinity Insight artifact. You define this name in the Insight web app when you create it.


The date in UTC of the daily statistic.


The type of the reported daily statistic. It relates to the Type. For example, this may be Total hit points for touchpoints.


The numeric value of the daily statistic.

EXAMPLE: If you work with Conversions, the Type is Conversion, the Unit is Unique conversions. Value contains the daily number of unique conversions, for example 1000.

Sample report

To see a sample report in Google Data Studio, click Sitefinity Insight Sample Report.

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