Cludo Site Search for Sitefinity

A site search solution powered by AI

Intelligent & Relevant Site Search Custom Built for Marketing Teams

Cludo's AI driven platform gives you complete control over your site search, access to actionable analytics dashboards, deeper customer insights, and a better standard of customer support.

Cludo Site Search Integration

Comprehensive, Easy, Intuitive

  • Deliver What Works, Analyze What Doesn’t
    Cludo provides a rapid path to the specific information users are looking for, helping them to find relevant results even if they don't use the same words as you. It simultaneously provides insights into potential gaps in your website content and “ineffective searches,” giving you the opportunity to optimize and reinforce your website data.
  • Customize Without IT
    Cludo’s easy to use SaaS site search platform was built to empower everyone from a small business owner to a marketer at a Fortune 100 company to customize their search results and learn from our intuitive analytics reports.
  • Save Time
    We make it easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for on your site. Intelligent autocomplete? Spell check? Synonyms? Bigrams? Cludo has you covered. That means fewer phone calls. Plus our site search analytics make it easy for you to understand what they’re looking for.