Hawksearch for Sitefinity

Search on your terms.

Deliver the Best Search Experience to Users

Skip the daunting development cycle and quickly convert your website search tool with Hawksearch for Progress Sitefinity CMS. Take control of your Sitefinity website search experience with Hawksearch and the Progress Sitefinity CMS search connector.

The Gateway to Your World of Search 

  • Deliver the Right Promotions and Messaging

    Target your users based on their preferences and personalize your content and product recommendations to them for more conversions.

  • Take Control Over Your Content

    With facet control and smart autocomplete features, Hawksearch provides the adaptability you need to highlight the key content or products tailored to your goals.

  • Accomplish Your Strategic Goals

    Hawksearch's Smart Insights provides the ability to focus results through different strategies to accomplish this for your visitors.

  • Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

    Utilize Hawksearch's proactive set of tools that amplifies your marketing plan to effectively interact with visitors. Dynamic Marketing empowers businesses to strategically guide a visitors experience with specific search queries.