Hawksearch for Sitefinity

Search on your terms.

Increase findability and conversion across all content and products, no matter the channel or device

HawkSearch's Sitefinity connector offers both simple out-of-the-box integration and full customizability within its code, allowing technical and non-technical content managers to build the strategies they need to enhance their websites. Built by a Progress developer, the HawkSearch Sitefinity connector has proven time and time again it can perform delta data-indexing in real-time, as content and website managers update their sites. Additionally, the connector seamlessly transfers data by using Sitefinity's own data pipelines. Sitefinity platform users can utilize HawkSearch's machine learning and codeless management to enhance their site's content, offering a personalized user experience and easily implementing widgets for both Vue and React SDKs. With HawkSearch, site owners can drive traffic and improve user engagement to grow their web presence.

Machine Learning

  • Deliver the Right Promotions and Messaging
    • Learns from Impressions and Conversions
    • Personalizes User and Buying Journey
    • Al-Informed Search Results Autocomplete
    • Auto-Suggest Personalized Recommendations
  • Advanced Capabilities
    • Federated Search
    • SEO Traffic Builder
    • Input Conversion
    • Product & Content Comparison Matrix
    • Data Normalization
  • Codeless Management
    • Relevancy Tuning
    • Drag & Drop Merchandising
    • Campaign Scheduling
    • Simple Rule Building
    • OOTB Responsive on Desktop & Mobile
  • HawkSearch Sitefinity Connector Benefits
    • Seamless data transfer using native Sitefinity pipelines
    • Simple OOTB integration
    • Fully customizable configurations within the code
    • Real-time delta indexing occurs with every adjustment
    • Drag & drop front-end widgets for SDKs: Vue or REACT
    • Built by a Progress developer