Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 9.1.6100

May 19, 2016

What’s New & Improved

Light Backend Theme

The new administrative theme comes with clean and attractive design, which removes unnecessary clutter and alleviates the editing experience.

Site Sync Support for Personalization

  • Support for Personalization (documentation)- Website administrators can sync personalized pages and widgets with the respective segments between sites and environments such as staging and production.
  • Scalability - Improved performance when syncing thousands sites
  • Security - Added support for TLS 1.2 to be used for sync communication
  • Extensibility – Exposed API for registering custom types and data for sync
  • Logging – Extended logging infrastructure

Enhanced HTML Clean-up

Content editors pasting content from external tools to the Sitefinity WYSISWYG editor can benefit from enhanced stripping options, which clear redundant font and formatting tags automatically.

Events Widget on MVC Framework Feather

Web Services

  • Advanced configuration of fields is exposed for each content type (documentation)
  • Comments are exposed as a special endpoint for content types that them (documentation)
  • New endpoint for taxonomies that lists all classifications and their properties(documentation)
  • Exposed new property ParentId for Blog post, List Item and child dynamic content types
  • Default service are exposed now with access Authenticated for security reason

Precompilation improvements

  • Compilation information is added to Trace.log to make it easier to identify problematic pages/controls (documentation)

What’s Fixed

Feather - MVC and Front-End Frameworks

  • Permissions for pages based on a custom Feather layout cause exception (FP)
  • Attribute values of the input submit buttons within BeginFormSitefinity are not transferred to the controller's action when the form is placed on a hybrid page. (FP)
  • Invalid layout template when class is set on grid layout (FP) or on custom layout (FP)
  • Added indication for the package on which a page template is based 
  • Editor: Errors when switching to HTML mode (FP)
  • Navigation widget: Not translated group pages shows in the navigation (FP)
  • Language Selector widget: Generates invalid html (FP)
  • List widget: ExpandableList template causes error with Inline Editing on Bootstrap page. (FP)
  • Card widget: Page selector is not working in multilingual mode (FP)
  • Resource packages: Not able to build the SitefinityWebApp.csproj and/or the Telerik.Sitefinity.Frontend.csproj in case the npm modules' dependencies of a resource package are installed.
  • Personalization: not working when using Pure MVC or Feather templates on translated page (FP)

Dynamic Modules & Content

  • Permissions in multisite are not updated correctly (FP)
  • Permissions do not work correctly on detail pages (FP)
  • Importing Content type with transient fields changes the Ids (FP)
  • Application restarts are avoided when Dynamic modules installed or updated

    Labels & Messages

  • Exporting Language Pack works from English only (FP)
  • Language Packs cannot be imported in the invariant culture (FP)
  • When you create dynamic type with "DateCreated" field the module doesn't work.

Pages & Page Templates

  • Permission "Edit content on this page and its child pages" does not work as expected (FP)
  • Permissions for page templates are not applied in the template selector dialog (FP)
  • Page Selector does not work correctly in some cases (FP)


  • Personalization by time of day doesn't work when the timing is in the PM to AM range (FP)
  • Performance improvements
  • Web Services
  • Page and images links created via the PageSelector or ImageSelector from the RadEditor are now being resolved
  • Expanding parent returns error when there are items without parent in the collection – fixed
  • Item are not returned if you create them in monolingual and switch to ML – fixed
  • Unable to save personalized version of pages as draft.


  • User profile field predefined value is available only the user is created the Backend (FP)
  • Thumbnail for newly created profile is not generated correctly (FP)
  • Problems with adding custom profile types to custom membership provider (FP)
  • GetUsers and GetRoles methods are called twice when accessing users from another provider (FP)

Site Sync

  • Syncing of large forms causes time outs (FP). IntroducedClientTimeout setting in Administration>Settings>Advanced>Site Sync
  • Syncing content creates items with duplicate URLs
  • Syncing of large amount of data throws error Request Too Long 
  • Syncing of content items doesn’t set the correct mime types
  • Content item statuses are not synced correctly
  • User role relationships are not synced
  • Deletion of user is not synced


  • Users with permission "Edit page content and its child pages" cannot edit widgets on the page
  • Image Widget: Added content locations service (FPFP)
  • Breadcrumb Widget: Error thrown when the widget is dropped on a page under a restricted page (FP)
  • User Profile Widget: Fixed sample code for fields (FP)


  • Analytics Module: Pagination doesn’t work (FP)
  • Alternative Publishing: Disabling all built in content modules breaks adding content types in RSS feeds (FP)
  • Alternative Publishing: Publishing Twitter feed and content with categories as RSS feed results in error (FP)
  • Categories: Changing category of parent can cause the occurrence of duplicate category name and URL (FP)
  • Dashboard: Error “Cyclic child/parent relationship…” thrown upon click on Configure Dashboard widgets link (FP)
  • Dashboard: Internal class DashboardService is now public
  • Ecommerce: For items weighting less than 70 pounds, the Fedex delivery price is not calculated correctly (FP)
  • Forums: JS error is thrown when forum post is edited 
  • Images: Menu stays opened after "View original size"
  • Documents & Files: When split table is enabled, adding a translation of media asset crated document with duplicate binary (FP)
  • Login: Missing configuration for the requesting relying party of the Login Status widget
  • Login: Setting disablesBackendUI breaks the front end login (FP)
  • Project Manager: Activating a license in Project Manager that has more than 40 domains messes the confirmation window (FP)
  • Related Images: Adding new language sets Related Images as not visible in the Details view of the parent item (FP)
  • Search: Project cannot initialize when the Search module is disabled (FP)
  • Translations: Added configuration parameters to FtpXliffConnector: Port, EnableSSL, UsePassive (FP)
  • Disabling the value UserBrowserSettingsForCalculatingDates cases a JS error when using DateTime fields and back button in modules (FP)
  • Forms: Draft form cannot be published.
  • Custom Fields: JS error in the console when open add a field.

Dev Tools

  • Upgraded jQuery to v1.12.1


  • Discontinued support for Internet Explorer 10 and older versions (blog post)
  • Discontinued support of Sitefinity Desktop Application (blog post)


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