End of Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Older Versions

End of Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Older Versions

Posted on April 27, 2016 0 Comments

Internet Explorer 10 LogoOn January 12, 2016 Microsoft ended support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) and stated that only the latest version, IE 11, will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

In light of this Microsoft decision we have decided to discontinue support for IE 10 and its older versions with the upcoming Sitefinity 9.1 release in May 2016. 

Even though the current and previous Sitefinity versions continue to work with IE 10 and IE 9 we recommend upgrading to IE 11 or using another browser such as Chrome or  Firefox for a safer and faster browsing experience. Check out the Sitefinity system requirements for a list of supported browsers.

Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer back in 1995 with the release of Windows 95. Since then IE has been and continues to be an integral part of the Internet although it will eventually be replaced by the all-new Microsoft Edge browser. You can refer to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy for more details. We are in the process of evaluating Microsoft Edge and plan to add it to the supported browsers in 2017 or sooner given that we resolve any issues that come up during our testing. In the meantime, if you encounter any issues with the Edge browser please open a support case and we would be happy to help you.

In case you were wondering how the combined market share of IE 8, IE 9 and IE 10 compares to other browsers, the graph below shows it is currently less than 4.5% and rapidly shrinking according to StatCounter Global Stats.

Browser marketshare chart by StatCounter

These stats are based on aggregate data collected by StatCounter on a sample exceeding 15 billion page views per month collected from across the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites.

Anton Hristov

Anton Hristov

Anton is the Head of Progress Labs, a technology incubator for brining ideas to life. He is passionate about innovation at the intersection of people and technology. Anton has extensive experience in product strategy, management and marketing. He believes in keeping things simple and moving humanity forward, one step at a time.


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