Web Content Management

Achieve unsurpassed flexibility and content management productivity.

True Inline Editing

Content authors and marketers need the ability to change and edit content on the fly. With Sitefinity’s Inline Editing feature create and edit content right on the page. By enabling Edit Mode, easily change headers, body content, and replace images all within the context of the web page. Users can even change metadata like keyword tags, image alt tags and publication dates. Preview content to ensure accuracy and flow before one click publishing.  


Content Personalization

Show the right content to the right person by defining your audience, transforming the content, and testing the result. Sitefinity provides a rich toolset for automatically connecting visitors with personalized content. These content personalizations can be incredibly rich and are easily tested by impersonating each defined audience.

Drag & Drop Layouts

Sitefinity’s page editor makes it easy to create rich, dynamic content by interacting with user-friendly interfaces. Content is created by simply dragging and dropping widgets onto a page. Once in place, widgets can be edited through a guided interface that produces content consistent with the website's design.

Central Multisite, Multilingual Management

Sitefinity's multisite management makes it easy for organizations to manage a collection of websites and microsites through a centralized interface, even as the business scales and grows. Content authors can easily contribute to multiple websites, or use content from other websites. Users, roles, content, permissions, templates, images and more can be effortlessly shared or synchronized between sites.

Digital Asset Management

Rich media content is now crucial for engaging customers on public-facing online experiences. Sitefinity empowers business users to store and access thousands of digital assets including images, graphics, PDFs, text files, video and audio. Sitefinity digital asset management tools support drag and drop of entire folders directly into media libraries while maintaining file hierarchy. Meta-tagging enables quick access by users. Rich editing tools enable basic manipulation to reuse digital assets and reduce re-creation costs. 

Extensive Out-of-the-Box Features

Sitefinity provides an extensive toolset for addressing the challenges associated with managing a modern website. Solutions for mobile, email campaigns, social media, ecommerce, blogs, forums, search, and much more are instantly accessible. This allows organizations to focus on what to build instead of how to build it.

Approval Workflows

Sitefinity Approval Workflows help you achieve peace of mind and ensure content quality with granular permissions and multi-level content approval. Receive notifications, approve or reject content updates and never let anything be pushed to live unnoticed. 

Version History

Sitefinity automatically saves versions of content, files, documents, and even widget templates every time you make an update. These versions allow you to look back and understand how layout and content changed over time and allow you to restore older versions to avoid mistakes.  

SEO Tools

Sitefinity creates SEO-friendly URLs for each and every page. If pages are later moved or renamed, Sitefinity configures an HTTP 301 Permanent Redirect to notify Google and other search engines. These Search Engine Optimization tasks are done automatically, without direct intervention; nonetheless, advanced users can override Sitefinity and specify custom settings.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Build, configure and publish web forms using drag-and-drop tools without programming. Store and export form submissions in Sitefinity, or integrate with Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce or Demandbase for added benefits.  Employ server-side field validation and bot detection to ensure that your forms are not only user-friendly, but also stay secure.

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