Sitefinity ASP.NET Core CMS for Cross Platform Development

Set up and start instantly. Code and get to market faster. Supercharge your frontend development. Get ahead and stay ahead with the latest ASP.NET Core.

Sitefinity 15.1: Ready for Your Next Wins

Innovation for higher productivity and faster business outcomes.

Foundations of Sitefinity Development Training

Brand new and free Sitefinity Development training specially designed for Sitefinity DX 14.0.

Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Kickstarter Package

Build immersive, cross-platform solutions with Sitefinity and ASP.NET Core.

Tiered Architecture. API-driven CMS Platform. Feature-rich ASP.NET Core Frontend Framework

Modern DXPs need the ability to distribute content and build experiences that take place on multiple platforms and devices, beyond just websites. Content delivery to any digital touchpoint and frontend framework set the winning platforms apart.

Native API Content REST API Backend UI Content API Page Meta Model REST API Other Frontends (SPA / Mobile / IoT) Sitefinity Presentation Layer Decoupled .NET Core Renderer Page Layout & Personalization WYSIWYG Editing & Preview WYSIWYG Editing & Preview Sitefinity Application
ASP.NET Core CMS business user
Business User
  • True WYSIWYG Page Editing Experience
  • Multichannel and Headless DX
  • Superior Form Building
  • Ease of Use, Self-Service
  • Content Personalization
ASP.NET Core CMS developer
  • Modern Dev Tools
  • Speed & Performance
  • Customizable Open-Source Widgets
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Robust APIs for Multichannel Content
ASP.NET Core CMS upper level management user
Upper Level
  • Stellar Time to Market
  • Resource-Efficient Scalability
  • Cohesive Brand Experience Across Channels

A future-proof technology to confidently base your long-term development projects on. The stand-alone ASP.NET Core renderer deployed in a genuinely decoupled context overdelivers in terms of development speed, performance, ease of upgrades, and frontend scalability. Plus, it plays along with your IDE of choice.

Sitefinity fosters omnichannel delivery and provides the toolset for frontend-agnostic content management and delivery.

The ASP.NET Core implementation in Sitefinity is a next-generation frontend framework that combines the acclaimed ease-of-use for business users and a rich set of modern tools for developers. They can collaborate freely and benefit from the wealth of options in widget development and configurability to cover multiple, cross-channel production scenarios. It’s easy to implement custom logic or connect to the core of Sitefinity and external sources through custom OData and GraphQL endpoints.

Sitefinity ASP.NET Core and Telerik UI for Blazor—Superior Web Experiences, Superbly Delivered

Accelerate frontend development with the award-winning library of 100+ native, easy-to-customize Blazor components. The Telerik UI for Blazor library meets all requirements for data handling, performance, UX, design, accessibility, and more. Get an edge from the tight integration and full technology alignment between Sitefinity ASP.NET Core and Telerik UI for Blazor to fast-track website and web application development. Take advantage of the rich extensibility and enterprise content management of Sitefinity, backed by an impressive suite of native Blazor components to shorten your time to market.

Tightly Integrated with the ASP.NET Core Frontend

Blazor components shown as widgets in the Sitefinity WYSIWYG editor.

Native Blazor UI Components

High-quality native Blazor UI components and professionally designed themes.

Visual Studio Productivity Enhancers

Quick access to code snippets and lots of nifty tools to speed up development.

Sitefinity Resources & Code Samples

How to use custom Blazor components in Sitefinity ASP.NET Core. Get source.


Sitefinity and ASP.NET Core

Don’t get trapped into legacy tech stacks. Code and deliver faster, across platforms and devices.

Decoupled ASP.NET Core Presentation

New ASP.NET Core renderer and frontend development suite

  • API-driven
  • Optimal Performance with native MVC
  • Open Source & Cross-platform

Mature Set of Out-of-the-Box Widgets

Kickstart development for a stellar time to market.

  • Modern tools to simplify development
  • Shared content blocks 
  • Custom widget designer
  • Personalization

Full WYSIWYG Page Editing Experience

ASP.NET Core and new page editing concepts in Sitefinity

Robust APIs and Integration Endpoints

Decoupled via APIs. Extensible via REST.

  • Cross-platform development
  • Wealth of headless implementations
  • Server-side Blazor Components
  • Marketer & content editor self-service

A Powerful, Future-proof Development Framework

Sitefinity was built for extensibility, integration and flexibility. The platform overdelivers in terms of performance, while modern DevOps practices and workflows make upgrades and collaboration a breeze. Sitefinity is a pleasure to work with and secure by design.

Technology Benefits

  • No OS lock. Deploy on Linux, MacOS, Windows
  • Frontend flexibility. Less code, simpler structure
  • Instant startup and faster development
  • Resource-efficient maintenance
  • Server-side Blazor Components Compatibility
  • Latest ASP.NET Core version

Architecture Benefits

  • Tiered architecture, separation of concerns
  • Content detached from administration
  • Customize the frontend without dealing with the backend
  • Extensibility with other rendering engines and IDE
  • Light on resources and maintenance
  • Resource-efficient scalability

Productivity Benefits

  • Shorter time to market
  • Streamlined upgrades
  • Tighter system security and superior reliability
  • Legacy frontend technology issues resolved
  • Stand-alone frontend application requires less resources to deploy and run
  • Faster client-side development

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