Sitefinity CMS & .NET Core:
The Future of Cross-Platform Development

Set up and start instantly. Code and get to market faster. Supercharge your frontend development. Join a journey to full .NET Core re-platforming.

Tiered Architecture. Decoupled Presentation on .NET Core. API-driven Content Delivery

Modern WCMs are set up to distribute content and build experiences that take place on multiple platforms and devices, beyond just websites. The capabilities to send content to any digital format and frontend framework set winning WCMs apart.

NET-Headless and decoupled CMS-min

Content editors need the tools to create, manage and reuse content from a single, central hub and distribute it across channels and touchpoints. Developers, on the other hand, need to break the inherent limitations of traditional WCMs and be able to leverage any frontend framework to deliver across platforms and devices.

A modern WCM fosters this sort of cross-team collaboration and provides the toolset for frontend-agnostic content management and delivery.

The presentation layer is handled by a stand-alone application, separate from the backend and content management, consuming data from a set of OData APIs. The Page Layout service, for example, is providing content to the .NET Core renderer but the beauty of it is it can work just as well with any other frontend technologies. The Page Layout service is now fully production-ready for a wealth of headless implementations, frontend flexibility and developer productivity.

Experience .NET Core and the full range of Sitefinity capabilities. Take performance, scalability, security and productivity to the next level.

Developer Resources

Sitefinity and .NET Core

Don’t get trapped into legacy tech stacks. Code and deliver faster, across platforms and devices.

.NET Core

New .NET Core renderer and frontend development suite

  • API-driven
  • Optimal Performance with native MVC .Net Core
  • Cross-platform
More Out-of-the-Box Widgets

Kickstart development for a stellar time to market. Layout Widgets and out-of-the-box Content Widgets

  • Content Block widget
  • Image widget
  • CTA widget
Versatile Page Editor

ASP.NET Core and new page editing concepts in Sitefinity

  • WYSIWYG page editor
  • New Page Layout Management
  • Widget Selector
  • Page Templates
APIs and Data Services

Decoupled via APIs. Extensible via REST.

  • Cross-platform development
  • Wealth of headless implementations
  • Marketer & content editor self-service

Developer Benefits

Sitefinity was built for extensibility, integration and flexibility. The platform overdelivers in terms of performance, while modern DevOps practices and workflows make upgrades and collaboration a breeze. Sitefinity is a pleasure to work with and secure by design.     

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I deploy on different platforms / OSes?

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  • I have a new project. Should I start implementing it with .NET Core or I can safely work with the old one?


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