Machine Translation Connector for Microsoft Translator for Sitefinity

By Progress Telerik

Multilingual Content
When working with the Sitefinity CMS Translation module, you can benefit from a number of translation connectors that you use out-of-the-box with minimum setup.

This repo contains a translation connector to work with the Microsoft Translator V3 API service. 


For more information, see the System requirements and Translation procedure for the  respective Sitefinity CMS version.


You must Sign up for Microsoft Translator Text API V3 service in Microsoft Azure. Then you can use one of the generated API Keys there to configure the connector in Sitefinity. All of the available tiers are supported.

Configure the connector

Using one of the generated API keys after sign up for Microsoft Translator Text API service in Microsoft Azure configure the following setting:
*Administration >> Settings >> Advanced >> Translations >> Connectors >> MicrosoftMachineTranslatorConnector >> parameters >> apiKey*

**Warning** For proper translation of whole paragraphs of text, **do NOT** set the *Strip HTML tags* parameter to *True* (under *Administration >> Settings >> Advanced >> Translations >> Connectors >> MicrosoftMachineTranslatorConnector*).

Supported languages

You can check out the official Azure language support documentation. The connector uses the v3 API.