Hawksearch for Sitefinity 

Search on your terms.

The Gateway to Your World of Search 

Hawksearch leverages advanced machine learning and pattern analysis to identify the best search experience to deliver to users and can fit the needs of B2C or B2B ecommerce, content publishers and enterprise applications.

  • Marketers 

    Hawksearch provides the ability to deliver targeted messaging and promotions to site visitors:

    • Personalization
    • Recommendations
    • Reporting
  • Merchandisers

    Hawksearch provides the adaptability for merchandisers to highlight the content or products tailored to their goals: 

    • Facet Control
    • Visibility
    • Recommendations
  • Developers

    Hawksearch helps developers accomplish more with fewer lines of code using the best of SaaS and custom development: 

    • API
    • Field Control
    • Machine Learning

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