How does Sitefinity enable use of content across platforms and devices?

In traditional CMS terms, the content you create is rendered on web pages and delivered to the visitors of your website. However, modern digital users need to be engaged across multiple channels. An organization can have as many front-end, customer facing solutions as it wants and has the skillset and resources to develop, but creating and managing content for each of them separately is a massive challenge with dubious results. You’re more likely to end up with siloed data, as well as cross-team dependencies and bottlenecks rather than a consistent messaging and user experience

A decoupled and API-driven CMS, such as Sitefinity, lets savvy organizations reuse, repurpose and leverage content to reach audiences across channels, devices and platforms.

  • Content management decoupled from presentation: frontend application can be deployed independently for faster development, tighter security, platform independence and framework flexibility.

  • Web services to fetch, store and deliver content: create and edit content in a single place, then leverage a robust set of native and standard-compliant OData APIs to deliver it to a broad set of consumers in a universally readable, frontend-agnostic format. 

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