Sitefinity Cloud provides a Microsoft Azure cloud technology-based Platform as a Service where you can create, manage and run Sitefinity websites. The Sitefinity Web Application running in Sitefinity Cloud offers similar functionality to the on-premise version of Sitefinity CMS. In order for a project to run in Sitefinity Cloud there are several requirements it must meet, related to the product version and some of the supported components.

Supported versions of Sitefinity

A new project in Sitefinity Cloud is always provisioned with the latest officially supported Sitefinity CMS version at the time of provisioning.

Projects that have already been created in Sitefinity Cloud are subject to an upgrade cycle, so they can benefit from the latest product functionality and security updates. For more information about upgrading a Sitefinity Cloud project, refer to Product updates.

Existing projects, created with the on-premise version of Sitefinity CMS projects can be migrated to Sitefinity Cloud. To migrate an on-premise project to Sitefinity Cloud, it must first be upgraded to the latest officially supported version of Sitefinity CMS. For more information about upgrading Sitefinity CMS, see Upgrade procedure.

Supported Connectors and Add-ons

Sitefinity Cloud projects support all connectors and add-ons that can be purchased with the on-premise version of Sitefinity CMS.

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