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Sprint Update on November 24, 2023

November 24, 2023

What's new

New "View Domains" role

Enables users to view existing domains and their details in the Sitefinity Cloud Domain Management UI. This role grants read-only access to domain configurations without the ability to add, modify or delete, fostering collaboration and information-sharing without compromising data integrity. Ideal for team members needing insights into domains and their details.

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Ability to persist log queries in Application Insights

Users are now able to persist and revisit log queries, streamlining the troubleshooting and analysis process, and enhancing overall monitoring capabilities through log entries.

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What's improved

  • Fixed bug with Cloudflare edge worker that was introduced last sprint, which caused issues when uploading large files
  • Fixed an issue where changes to .resx files would trigger Partial Deployment instead of Full Deployment
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