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Sprint Update on May 13, 2022

May 13, 2022

What's new

.NET Core Frontend Add-on Available with all Sitefinity Cloud tiers

The .NET Core Package introduced with Sitefinity 14.1 represents a new development paradigm and enables developers to leverage a future-proof framework for building frontend experiences and delivering high performance and scalable cross-platform content.

.NET Core Frontend is now available with all Sitefinity Cloud tiers as an add-on and was designed from the ground up to help you reduce time to market, streamline management and easily develop cross-platform experiences that take place on multiple platforms and devices, beyond just websites.

In addition to the existing layer of services in Sitefinity Cloud, with the .NET Core Renderer, you have access to the following: 

  • Additional Azure DevOps repository, based on Git, for developing the .NET Core Renderer application.
  • Additional App Services for each environment where the .NET Core Renderer application is deployed.
  • Additional pipeline for building and deploying the .NET Core Renderer application across each environment, separately from the main Sitefinity application.
  • Automated upgrades for the .NET Core Renderer application.

For more information you can look at the following documentation article.

What's improved

  • Improved Automated Upgrades to also upgrade the "Progress.Sitefinity.Cloud" NuGet package (and dependencies) to ensure that customers upgrade to the latest version of Sitefinity Cloud NuGet packages.
  • Fixed bug with deployments affecting some configurations for setups with Multi-region Failover.
  • Improved "DB.AcquireBackup" pipeline runs by switching from MS-hosted to Self-hosted agents to avoid pipeline timeouts after MS-hosted agent run exceeds 6 hours.
  • Improved "Application.Restart" pipeline to handle intermittent failures caused by Azure on the "Upload Deployment Package" task.
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