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Sprint Update on July 8, 2022

July 08, 2022

What's new

User Management support for custom Sitefinity CMS roles

In addition to the Sitefinity CMS out-of-the-box roles, all custom roles you create in the Sitefinity CMS backend for the different environments will now be synced to the User Management portal. The sync is performed every 30 minutes, so there could be some delay between creating a role and it appearing the User Management UI.

You can then assign those roles to new or existing users. When users login to Sitefinity CMS via the Sitefinity Cloud Azure Active Directory, they will have the specific permissions assigned to the custom role(s).

For more information, see User Management.

PREREQUISITES: To be able to use custom Sitefinity CMS roles in Sitefinity Cloud, you must upgrade to the latest version of the "Progress.Sitefinity.Cloud" NuGet package in your project. If you use Automated Upgrades, the upgrade will be automatically performed. For more information, see Upgrade.

Wildcard triggers/filters for custom branch conditions in the CI/CD pipeline

Upon request, the Sitefinity Cloud team can configure the CI/CD pipeline to use custom branch conditions which determine which environments will a particular branch be deployed to (filter) and which environments will the branch automatically be deployed to as opposed to manually triggering the deployment (trigger). These filter and trigger conditions now support wildcard expressions to catch multiple branches - for example, "feature/*" will catch "feature/first-branch" and "feature/second-branch".

What's improved

  • Fixed bug in the CI.CD pipeline in which the "Clear static file cache" task was skipped at some stages.
  • Fixed bug in the CI.CD pipeline preventing the selection of different stages for manually triggered Runs.
  • Fixed bug in the Automated upgrades when Sitefinity is upgraded and the ".NET Core Frontend" Add-on is part of the setup.
  • Fixed bug with not persisting Sitefinity Multisite URLs on target after DB import and in some cases after DB restore between environments.


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