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Sprint Update on July 22, 2022

July 22, 2022

What's new

Introducing API calls and a better page views counting mechanism

Page views

The page views tracking model for Sitefinity Cloud switches from Azure Application Insights based client-side tracking to server-side tracking in Cloudflare. This change provides the following benefits:

  • No need for adding a client-side script on each page to track page views
    • Client-side page views counting could be manipulated
    • Client-side tracking (rarely, but) could bring compliance concerns
  • Lower page views count for customers that have client-side browser cache - if the page is cached on the browser, there are no additional page views counted on refresh, because the request does not need to go to the server. These types of page views were previously counted by Application Insights.

The page views limits for the different tiers remain the same. We’ve done detailed research considering the pageviews consumption of all our live customers for the past several months and assured that the current and the new pageviews counting approaches provide equal results. More information on how page views are counted can be found in the following documentation article -

API calls

We see more and more customers using Sitefinity in a headless way and with the old approach of counting page views we did not account for API calls. Based on detailed analysis of the historical data, we are now introducing API calls limit per Tier -  Sitefinity Cloud Tiers and Pricing (

More information on how API calls are counted can be found in the following documentation article -

Billable usage period

And to make it even better, we will start counting page views and API calls on a 12 month billing period basis, starting from the month after your purchase date. Depending on your Sitefinity Cloud Tier, you have a different limit of page views and API calls per month, but instead of calculating overages every month based on the limit, we will do that yearly. This model makes the Sitefinity Cloud offering more flexible and allows our customers to handle peaks in traffic for certain months without paying overages.

What's improved

  • Improved execution time for "DB.Export", "DB.Import" and "DB.RestoreBetweenEnvironments" pipelines by:
    • Switching self-hosted Azure DevOps agents from Windows to Linux
    • Rewriting steps to use Azure CLI tasks instead of Azure PowerShell tasks
    • Rewriting steps to use PowerShell tasks instead of Azure PowerShell tasks
  • Fix the Domain Management UI to show that the certificate is expired when there is an expired custom SSL certificate


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