Pre-Built Chatbot Solutions for Any Business

NativeChat enables organizations to improve efficiency and reduce expenses with human-like, AI-powered chatbots. Take a look at some pre-built solutions that we can help customize for your business’ needs. 

Banking & Financial Account Security

Customers demand financial emergencies be dealt with immediately, without waiting to talk to a person. Use our AI-assisted chatbots to enable your customers to quickly handle financial questions and issues, and take the load off your call center.

Insurance Quotes

Chatbots are a friction-free way to provide individuals with insurance quotes of all types. Get new prospective customers into your system without waiting (and without taking up valuable resources on your end).

Bill Payment

Provide an immediate response to your customers without taking up valuable person resources on your end. Use our bill payment chatbot for virtually any billing scenario.

Car Rental

Guide prospective customers through a series of questions in a friction-free manner! Gone are the days of complicated forms and confusing screens. Only show customers the questions you need with our AI-assisted car rental chatbot.

Technical Support

Allow a chatbot to triage and resolve technical support issues without impacting your support team resources.

Book a Meeting

Booking a meeting with multiple participants, either remotely or in the office, can be frustrating. Take the stress out of the experience with an AI-assisted chatbot! Using our book-a-meeting chatbot, your employees can painlessly schedule meetings, working with systems such as Office 365 and Calendly.

Insurance Claims

Creating insurance claims can be stressful for your customers. Streamline the process, reduce the load on your staff, and make the experience as "friction-free" as possible with a chatbot.

Repetitive HR Tasks

Allow your employees to ask questions, and even request time off, through a friendly, AI-assisted chatbot! Merge multiple internal systems behind one chatbot, and even work with existing ERPs like Workday.

Progress NativeChat

Deliver superior customer experiences—empower customers to talk with chatbots just like they would with a human on the channel of their choice.